Tasty One Top and an Android app

It all started when Ksusha bought a Tasty One Top appliance hoping that it would help her deep-fry things with using less oil and also ещ conveniently control the oil temperature.

Alas, it did not work quite as planned. Fist of all the app to control it is iOS only (and then iPhone too, does not work on iPad) and then the temp probe includeв needs to be submerged for at least 1.5" - quie a bit of oil.

Anyway, important first task - to get the One Top operational in absense of iPhones - she tasked me with writing a control app ("Just hack iPhone app to work on Android, you are smart!") and I eventually did after reverse-engineering the protocol.

I'll discuss the creating later, but first things first, here's my app you can use to control Tasty One Top without any BuzzFeed support: OneTop Control

[One Top Setup]


Installing Fedora 22 on Apple PowerMac G5 HOWTO

I have a couple of dualcore Apple PowerMacs from my past experiments with bigendian architectures. They used to be powerhouses in 2005 that cost quite a bunch of money, but for quite a few years now you can get them for under $200 shipped.

Anyway, Fedora12 that I had installed there was no longer cutting it, so I decided to upgrade to something more modern, like Fedora 22 (which is the current at the time of this writeup), but alas Fedora 20, Fedora 21 and Fedora 22 installers are all failing in exactly the same way for me, once you select everything and try to do install, you get "The package 'yaboot' is required for this installation. This package does not exist. This is a fatal error and installation will be aborted."

[yaboot is required image]


Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11

On March 15th we have attended Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11 (also visited Japan, but more about that in another post).

This was actually a very strange Dolpa - very short and very few limited items, also somewhat strange rules.

Line to draw limited item line numbers
The line to draw tickets for limited items line (and a guidebook that serves as the ticket)


December 2014 - Tokyo Dolpa 32

Tokyo Dolpa in Dec 2014 was pretty big again, but we came in force this time with a lot of friends, thanks to that and a number of guidebooks,
we (our friends, really) managed to score a real good number. First time I held such a low number in my hands.

Dolpa limited line ticket 40


December 2014 visit to Japan for Dolpa 32, part 1: before the dolpa

In December 2014 we took another trip to Japan, this time almost exclusively for attending Tokyo Dolpa 32, but there were also a few days before Dolpa where we just did other things.

I'll concentrate on those for this post.

Atlanta airport
A Delta plane as we wait in Atlanta.


Trip to Japan in October 2014, part 1: Ryugon ryokan, Tenshi no Sato

And so we are continuing the story of our October trip to Japan.

After getting to Niigata station on a regular train, we transferred to Shinkansen Max Toki to IchigoYuzawa station.

Two level shinkansen Max
Max Toki - two story Toki Shinkansen.


Trip to Japan in October 2014, part 1: Conference, Tachibana-Ya ryokan.

From China we went straight to Japan (it's really strange how a ticket from US to China then to Japan and back to China was twice as cheap as the ticket straight to Japan for the same dates).

In Japan first of all we attended another conference where I delivered a talk in Japanese (a first for me).

JLUG 2015 conference


Beijing in October

Ouch, we have not been writing anything in a while, time to catch up at least somewhat.

In October 2014 we had a business-pleasure trip to China and Japan.

We'll start with China.

Transformer robot in the hotel lobby
Lobby of our hotel in Beijing had this amazing robot statue.


Little flower angels!

Lately I come here so rarely, I'm so sorry! :cry: But if you would like to know more frequent and short updates you can find me at flickr as ~Ksenia~.
Today I finally will introduce to you our new little angels that we won at different Volks events. I already have been telling about these type of Volks angels before in the post about Izumi. From this Spring to this Autumn we came a long way to their current look. I also would like to thank VolksUSA staff for their help in explanations and support regarding Rei-Tenshies! Also huge thanks to a very talented face-up artist ~La croix de sang~ who made my fantasy possible! I think she is just a wizard!!!

So, here are our two little angels:

Dianthus and Delphinium    


From Edo period to our days.

I finally came here!  I'm sorry, we were pretty busy lately. Today I decided to tell you a story about one of my boys, that I got a very long time ago, I think it was by the end of 2012. Anyway, we came a long way to what he looks like now, but returning to the start. His name is Tsunenaga Hasekura and he is from series of Japanese historical figures by Volks. Released at Home Town Dolpa Sendai that was held on August 25, 2012.
So, please meet a Japanese samurai who was serving to daimyo Date Masamune. (Date Masamune was also released by Volks a bit earlier).

Tsunenaga Hasekura.

Tsunenaga Hasekura



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