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Everything about wildlife.

Kyoto: Arashiyama

On our previous visit to Kyoto we failed to get to the monkey park in Arashiyama, so this time on Nov 27th we decided to do it.

Kyoto Tower
On the way to the train at Kyoto station I looked back to take this Kyoto Tower picture.
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When turtles attack

I woke today and found something red floating in our pond, so decided to check on it.

Even approaching the pond I saw something was terribly wrong, water lily pads were floating all acrosss pond apparently severed from the roots.

Some looking around revealed the culprint in not yet powered on skimmer:

It was a snapping turtle.
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Visit to Hawaii in 2011, Turtle beach and Dole plantation

One of the weekend days we decided to try and visit Laniakea turtle beach again in hopes to finally see some wild sea turtles.

During our previous visit we came too late and did not see any turtles, so we departed earlier this time.

Laniakea beach
Here we have arrived.
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Autumn Nara, day 1

Since we were tired after the long travel and late bedtime, we woke up pretty late and only left the hotel at about 11am.

Nara hotel lobby
This is how the hotel lobby looks like.

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A rabbit

Lately we have seen a lot of rabbits around our apt complex, one can say it's entire rabbit infestation. Not that we have not seen hte rabits here before, bbut now we started to see more and more of them.

Small rabbits somewhat far away on an overcast day.
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Birds in Knoxville

I have been taking pictures of birds this spring from time to time with little time to process them. Finally I did some more pictures today and decided to process entire backlog.

We start with pictures from first half of February where a big flock of American Robins decided to land near our grocery store.

This is going to be large amount of bird pictures.

On the way to the grocery store we actually met this posing Jay first Wink
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Gatorland and Kennedy Space Center

On Monday work-related activities started for me and Ksusha decided to go see places with our friends. She returned with some pictures and it seems I also want to go there sometime later Wink

First stop was at Gatorland, a theme park and a wildlife preserve known for its wide variety of alligator and crocodile species.

Perched egret
Aside from crocodiles they also had a lot of wild birds too.
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September trip to Cray, Mendota Heights (Minnesota)

Another kind of late post about a past trip. Hopefully It'll be the last one and the rest would appear much sooner after the trip or perhaps even in almost real time?

So in September 2009 right after our Hawaiian vacation I was asked to come help Cray with some matters and spend two weeks at their facility in Mendota Heights which is a small town near Minneapolis in Minnesota. This entry won't touch any of the Cray bussines, though. It'll concentrate on various things we saw in the area.

First thing we noticed was significantly higher amount of wandering Canadian geese often crossing street at random.

п⌠я┐я│п╦ п©п╣я─п╣я┘п╬п╢я▐я┌ п╢п╬я─п╬пЁя┐ п╡ п╫п╣п©п╬п╩п╬п╤п╣п╫п╫п╬п╪ п╪п╣я│я┌п╣

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