Crab sticks

Crab sticks Salad

Today I would like to share with you our most favorite salad with crab sticks. I saw it 5 years ago in the restaurant "Chistiye prudi" in Simferopol. In our opinion this is the best salad with crab sticks that we have ever tasted! And since then this salad is always present on our family table. Usually everyone who tried it asks for a recipe. ;)
But I would like to highlight: I tried American and Japanese mayonnaise and if you want to get the right taste of this salad you need only Russian mayonnaise and no others!
So, today in the menu we have:

"The best salad with crab sticks"

п║п╟п╩п╟я┌ п╦п╥ п╨я─п╟п╠п╬п╡я▀я┘ п©п╟п╩п╬я┤п╣п╨

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