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Installing Fedora 22 on Apple PowerMac G5 HOWTO

I have a couple of dualcore Apple PowerMacs from my past experiments with bigendian architectures. They used to be powerhouses in 2005 that cost quite a bunch of money, but for quite a few years now you can get them for under $200 shipped.

Anyway, Fedora12 that I had installed there was no longer cutting it, so I decided to upgrade to something more modern, like Fedora 22 (which is the current at the time of this writeup), but alas Fedora 20, Fedora 21 and Fedora 22 installers are all failing in exactly the same way for me, once you select everything and try to do install, you get "The package 'yaboot' is required for this installation. This package does not exist. This is a fatal error and installation will be aborted."

[yaboot is required image]

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How to make custom Nook HD stock images

I've been working on various Nook HD/HD+ improvements lately and wanted to capture some instructions here so that people are able to do some of this stuff by themselves as the need arises.

B&N Nook HD and Nook HD+

I have a script that automates creation of sdcard images from B&N update zips (only tested on 2.1.x images so far) and also creates unlocked boot images to be usd for stock installs in internal memory.
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Short business trip to Beijing and Tokyo at the end of February - beginning of March 2013

With some more travel coming out soon, I decided to catch up on some earlier travels.

This short post will cover my short trip to Beijing and Tokyo that I had early this year.

Fortune rom a cookie on the way to Beijing
On the way to Beijing I got this promising fortune from a cookie Wink

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Trip to Salt Lake City, Supercomputing 2012

After a big delay, finally I got around to publishing our report about visiting Salt Lake City in November 2012.

The winter certainly could be felt there unlike previous year in Seattle, for example.

window view
Window view on day 1.
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Supercomputing 2011, part2

Ok, a bit rushed continuation of the SC11 post.

The next day (Wednesday) we also spent on the show floor. Not all that much of interesting stuff happened, but here are some more pictures.

SC11 showfloor

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Supercomputing 2011

While we have not finished publishing the Paris trip yet, we have been on the go constantly ever since then.

Just this Friday we got back from SuperComputing 2011 conference and I am publishing some pictures of it now with more to follow.

SC11 was held in Seattle this time.

The pictures start with a lunch we had at Oba-san sushi restaurant right after we have arrived on Nov 12th.

Bento at Oba-san sushi
Bento-box I had.
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Got a new toy

Already over a month ago I bought myself a new toy and finally got time to write about it here.

My new toy is Barnes&Noble Nook Color electronic "Book reader".

B&N Nook Color

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BPS visits ORNL

Do you remember our visit to SuperComuputing 2010? Today we have a follow up on its events.

Seeing as how Chinese supercomputer dethroned US as top #1 supercomputer in the world (a position US maintained for many years) and also captured #3 spot with another supercomputer, US started to make the plans to regain the leadership in this area.

Of course this is an area that BPS is interested in as well. So Akira decided it's time to fulfill the SC10 promise and visit ORNL in person.

BPS and James
Warm welcome awaited at the Lab

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BPS at SuperComputing 2010

It's this time of the year again, and all supercomputer enthusiasts gathered for SuperComputing show that was held in New Orleans on Nov 13-18 to determine who has the longest fastest supercomputer in the world.

We decided to go too, and not alone, we decided to introduce our newest project, BPS (Akira Shirase) to the world and what better place to do it than at the SuperComputing show.

For those of you who do not know, BPS (Battle programmer Shirase) is a cool Japanese computer hero who singlehandedly defeated evil hacker "King of America" in the mighty struggle over supercomputer control.

Shirase at SC10
Shirase at the main floor.
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Finally a Netbook. With MacOS X too.

For some time already I was watching the netbook craze and not getting what's it all about. The cheap models were too small and underpowered to be useful, the not cheap models were ... well, not cheap and so you could buy a real laptop for the same price with much more juicy stats. Battery life sucked as well unless you would splurge on a big battery weighting more than the netbook itself.

The application did seem clear as well. Reading email and some super-light web-browsing could be achieved on a decent cell phone (like iPhone). The screen is too small to watch videos most of the time too.

Preparing for a trip to Beijing I found out one application that would be suitable for a netbook, though. Getting some remote-capture/control for video-dslr is much more suitable with small netbook that is easy to haul around. Also Ksusha voiced her opinion that for certain "entire day trips" it might be useful to bring some sort of a computer with us to copy pictures from full flash cards and to quickly inspect pictures in more details.

Also as time flied by the specs went up and the prices inched down and finally last week I saw a compelling case with Dell Mini 10v at Dell outlet, discounted by 20% with free shipping. The total was anywhere in between $180 to $300 (final price with TN tax) with different colors (+$20 for non-black colors) and specs and they were going fast.

The price was finally about right (heck, even cheaper than my voice recorder!) and Ksusha indicated that pink-shelled one might be a good idea and I agreed.

п я─я▀я┬п╨п╟ я─п╬п╥п╬п╡п╬пЁп╬ Dell Inspiron Mini 10v

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