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Little flower angels!

Lately I come here so rarely, I'm so sorry! Crying But if you would like to know more frequent and short updates you can find me at flickr as ~Ksenia~.
Today I finally will introduce to you our new little angels that we won at different Volks events. I already have been telling about these type of Volks angels before in the post about Izumi. From this Spring to this Autumn we came a long way to their current look. I also would like to thank VolksUSA staff for their help in explanations and support regarding Rei-Tenshies! Also huge thanks to a very talented face-up artist ~La croix de sang~ who made my fantasy possible! I think she is just a wizard!!!

So, here are our two little angels:

Dianthus and Delphinium    
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Sleepy Little Angel in Heaven

Today we will speak about Tenshi from Volks which means Angel in Japanese! And will even meet one or maybe two?
You may know that all Volks showrooms are called Tenshi-no ... - the places where your angels are. Volks makes not only just SD they also make SD Tenshi. The differences  - all tenshi have wings and genderless asexual bodies. There are several types of Tenshi, the smallest one is Rei-Tenshi (Ethereal Angel) is only 5.1 inches (12cm), then Sei-Tenshi (Spiritual Angel) - 8.9 inches (22cm), next Yo-Tenshi which is the same size as Yo-SD, then Ko-Tenshi (Child Angel) - 17 inches (43cm) which is the same size as MSD, then Kyo-Tenshi - 22.8 inches (~58cm) which is the same size as SD and maybe so on. Most of them, like Yo-Tenshi are available at some Tenshi-no-Sato events. Also you definitely can meet all of those Tenshi there in one of your Tenshi-no-Sato visits! 

So, by a special chance, this sleepy sweetie 'SD Rei-Tenshi' has been welcomed into our lives and I named him Izumi (泉)! Izumi means fountain and Spring in Japanese.
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