Yukinojo Sawagari

Его белая кошечка~

Сегодня у нас опять кое-какие старые фотографии, я знаю что мне надо писать тут чаще, и надо бы возобновлять раздел кулинарии, поэтому прошу прощения >_< Но сегодняшние фотографии об одной из моих любимых пар, о Лорине и Сае. Я не смогла устоять и купила набор Белой Кошечки для DD от Volks и хотя он немного мал моей Лорине, но я бы была не я если бы не смогла его на неё натянуть. Так же почему-то все фото сессии с этими двумя обязательно заканчиваются какими-то пикантными моментами и я не знаю почему, так что можете не спрашивать.  

И поэтому, так как наш блог читают люди с разными интересами, для этой записи есть Предупреждение: фотографии ниже будут содержать небольшой пикантный момент, такой как поцелуй, ничего ужасного, но всё же, если вам такое не по душе пожалуйста не заглядывайте внутрь! Спасибо. 

Моя хорошенькая белая кошечка~


His white kitty~

Today I came with some old pictures as well. I know, I need to write more frequently, sorry >_< Those pictures are about one of my favorite couple, Lorina and Sai. I couldn't resist and bought Volks DD Kitty Ear White Bondage Set for Lorina, though it's a bit small for her but me wouldn't be me if I couldn't put it on her And somehow all photo shoots with those two end with some piquant moments even if there were no plans for them at all and I don't know why, so don't ask  

Warning: the pictures below would contain one piquant moment, like kiss, nothing terrible but still if you are not like something like this please don't look inside! Thank you.

My sweet white kitty~


Yukinojo Sawagari from Tokyo

I have decided to post some old pictures little by little and finally today introduce to you Yukinojo Sawagari from Volks "Tokyo Boys Story". I already mentioned him before in the post about Hot Tokyo boys But, today you will see him entirely and will learn his further story! So, are you ready? Then let's go!

Yukinojo's shoes
His gorgeous shoes~


Sneak peek: Hot Tokyo boys~ (Warning: boys undress)

On the day before my husband's Birthday an important guest has arrived to our home. And he is from Tokyo! However he made a stop in LA at VolksUSA before coming to us  But I was so busy and just couldn't dedicate proper time to him on that day :( But as soon as all running was over I finally met him! Well, I will not tell you much about him in this post, not yet  But what I can say, that he is from 'Tokyo Boys Story' by Volks and he came from Dolls Party 27. He also has the newest body from Volks called SDGou! He was the first who Volks released with this body and the only one at this moment, but I want to believe that it's not the last one! Because this body, oh gosh, this body is just A-M-A-I-Z-I-N-G!!! It's perfectly holds poses and his poseability even batter than SD17! And these body lines... *flowed into a puddle*  You know what, let us show you....

Slowly... and...   well, you'll understand


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