Autumn Nara, day 4. Kasuga Taisha Shrine

On our last day in Nara we wanted to go to Kasuga Taisha Shrine, that was a bit too far away for a walk, so we took a bus instead.

As we enter the surrounding area we immediately see barrels with sake.


Autumn Nara, day 3. Tanzan Shrine and Hase-dera

Early morning of day 3 in Nara we headed to Tanzan shrine, it's somewhat outside of Nara, but promised very nice views.

First we spent some time in a train to Sakurai station

Christmas tree at some JR station
On the way to Sakurai station we passed this place with apparent preparations for New Year.


Autumn Nara, day 2

For this blogpost we are returning to the Nara visit.

So on the second day in Nara we went to Todai-ji from the very morning hoping the sneak in before tourist groups appear.

Sun-lit tree in a park
Morning sun shining through Nara park trees.


Autumn Nara, day 1

Since we were tired after the long travel and late bedtime, we woke up pretty late and only left the hotel at about 11am.

Nara hotel lobby
This is how the hotel lobby looks like.

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