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When turtles attack

I woke today and found something red floating in our pond, so decided to check on it.

Even approaching the pond I saw something was terribly wrong, water lily pads were floating all acrosss pond apparently severed from the roots.

Some looking around revealed the culprint in not yet powered on skimmer:

It was a snapping turtle.
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Fall colors in Knoxville 2011

It's fall time again and everything around is oh so nice yellow and red.

Every time I drive to the lab (about once a week), I see these gorgeous views, and so finally I stopped to take these few pictures.


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Sad day of September 4th

We were holding high hopes for this Labor day weekend that also coincides with the biggest US fireworks in Knoxville called BoomsDay.

Big plans to take a lot of pictures and video yet the weather was not cooperating, it started cloudy with a thunderstorm in the forecast, yet we hoped for the best and rushed to the location at 2pm to get at least somewhat decent spots.

Neylands Dr
Neylands Drive from the parking lot roof, not a lot of people yet. I am sure the bad weather contributed as well.
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