Paris, day 5 - Gardens and Bosquets of Versailles

Finally we got to our last full day in Paris. While green was busy with job-related stuff I decided to visit Versailles one more, but this time I wanted to see Versailles gardens, Trianon and Marie Antoinette's Estate. As we mentioned earlier, Gardens of Versailles are located in a Paris suburb, so it takes quite some time to get there. By the time I got there it was almost noon and the Court of the Ministers was crowded with people in lines!

Front yard
My attempt at showing the line. Start of the line is a bit to the right from the center and it goes all the way to the right where it turns around and goes back to the left, and then back to the right and so on for a few more times until it gets to the last segment along entire building of north alley of ministers (right in the center on this picture) and


Paris, day3. Versailles, part 2

So, continuing our Versailles excursion.

Right after the Hercules salon we got into King's Grand apartments. These are the official apartments and are made to resemble Italian palaces. During the day it was open to all, foreigners and French people who came to see the king.

Abundance salon
Abundance salon.


Paris, day 3. Eiffel Tower and Versailles, part 1

And so came the day three of our stay in Paris.

The morning plan was to visit the Eiffel Tower again to take some pictures of it in the morning and also climb up and take some shots of the Paris.

In the park on the way to the tower we saw some big groups of people, fire engines and such. Turn out there was some sort of family sports/running festival or something on that day.

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