Italian-American cooking. Panini (sandwich).

For a few days already I'm making delicious Panini for breakfast! Thanks to the February 2010 issue of Williams-Sonoma magazine where I had found this recipe. We really liked it so the recipe will now be a permanent entry in our cookbook. So we are recommending it!
Panini is a sandwich (originally Italian, but now international ;)). In the Italian language panini is plural form of the word panino (diminutive form of
pane "bread") which translates as "small bread roll". But to be completely exact in Italy this sandwich is called panino imbottito (literally "stuffed panino").
So, today in the menu we have:

Chicken Parmesan Panini

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Who wants to get Tsar's piece of meat!?

I decided to share one of my old recipes. It is very popular in our family and it is being made often. Long time ago I created this recipe based on my taste and that my husband will eat ;) For example, if he would see large pieces of stewed or cooked onion he will pick it out ;) There are many variations of this dish in the ex-USSR countries. With names such as Tsar's Meat and Meat Under "Fur-Coat" and similar. Since the result is most similar to the Tsar's Meat we decided to call it variations!
That why today in the menu we have:

Variations of the Tsar's Meat

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