Crocodile! Where?! On a table!!!

So today we will talk about how to catchprepare a crocodile! Not just any crocodile, but very delicious, prettyruddy and fatfancy one! The idea of ​​catchingpreparing the crocodile have been noticed long time ago in the vastness of Kuking (only in Russian).
And like you might have guessed
already, today in the menu we have:

Crocodile Pie.


Who wants to get Tsar's piece of meat!?

I decided to share one of my old recipes. It is very popular in our family and it is being made often. Long time ago I created this recipe based on my taste and that my husband will eat ;) For example, if he would see large pieces of stewed or cooked onion he will pick it out ;) There are many variations of this dish in the ex-USSR countries. With names such as Tsar's Meat and Meat Under "Fur-Coat" and similar. Since the result is most similar to the Tsar's Meat we decided to call it variations!
That why today in the menu we have:

Variations of the Tsar's Meat

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