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Anime Expo 2012

With a huge delay, here's our report from Anime Expo 2012 that happened at the July 4th weekend in 2012.

AX'12 badges and poster
This year we came to AX as premier members again hoping for as great experience as in 2011, but reality made it's own corrections.


AX'11 Day 4

So the last day of Anime Expo and the last day of our stay in LA has begun.

We started the day in a usual way, by having a breakfast ;)

Breakfast Ksusha had. I had radically different one that was very good, but no pictures for you ;)


AX'11 Day 3

Day 3 started earlier than the day before, the plan was to visit Exhibition hall at the opening time to perhaps snatch some freebies and then to attend Culture Japan x Fakku meetup at 11am.

Morning view from our hotel window
Morning view from our room window.


AX'11 Day 2

Second day of Anime Expo started late for us. We woke up pretty late at about noon due to getting to bed pretty late too.

And of course the first thing we did was to go and eat something at a nearby restaurant (Wolfgang Puck in this case).

Burger and fries
Burger and fries.


Visit to Anime Expo 2011, day 1

We just returned from out trip to Los Angeles for Anime Expo 2011 that was held over a Independence day weekend (July 1-4, 2011).

This post here is about the travel day and the first day of the Anime Expo itself.

We departed on June 30th which was it's own separate story. Delta contacted us 1.5 hours before departure because our first flight was delayed and we were going to miss our connection. Prospect of missing out on the first day of the event did not appeal to us so we asked if anything could be done. To our surprise Delta representative proposed to rebook us on American Airline flight that would still arrive in time. This was very surprising since AA is not even a code-sharing partner of Delta, but anyway we are really grateful.

Flyng to Chicago
Window view.

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