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From Edo period to our days.

I finally came here!  I'm sorry, we were pretty busy lately. Today I decided to tell you a story about one of my boys, that I got a very long time ago, I think it was by the end of 2012. Anyway, we came a long way to what he looks like now, but returning to the start. His name is Tsunenaga Hasekura and he is from series of Japanese historical figures by Volks. Released at Home Town Dolpa Sendai that was held on August 25, 2012.
So, please meet a Japanese samurai who was serving to daimyo Date Masamune. (Date Masamune was also released by Volks a bit earlier).

Tsunenaga Hasekura.

Tsunenaga Hasekura
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Couple from the Edo Period.

Not so long ago, we got a new members to our Dollfie family! There were actually three of them, but today I will introduce only two to you. And those two are legends from Japanese history - Sakamoto Ryōma and his wife Narasaki Ryō! Who came to us from Dolls Party 29. This is a very beautiful couple, and they have just gorgeous traditional Japanese outfits and shoes!

He and She
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A J-rock star?

Long time no see! Well, we were pretty busy Puzzled So busy that I didn't have time to make pictures or to play with my sweeties or even to seat in front of a laptop! I was missing them despite that they were nearby. And finally I found some time. I decided to try a different image on my loved Shiro. Some time ago I bought a nice outfit and were waiting for proper boots, and I got them with some new guy, but will cover it later   So, I think the new image turned out pretty well. Shiro now looks like a J-rock star, don't you think so? Wink     

 A J-rock star?
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Sneak peek: Hot Tokyo boys~ (Warning: boys undress)

On the day before my husband's Birthday an important guest has arrived to our home. And he is from Tokyo! However he made a stop in LA at VolksUSA before coming to us  But I was so busy and just couldn't dedicate proper time to him on that day Sad But as soon as all running was over I finally met him! Well, I will not tell you much about him in this post, not yet  But what I can say, that he is from 'Tokyo Boys Story' by Volks and he came from Dolls Party 27. He also has the newest body from Volks called SDGou! He was the first who Volks released with this body and the only one at this moment, but I want to believe that it's not the last one! Because this body, oh gosh, this body is just A-M-A-I-Z-I-N-G!!! It's perfectly holds poses and his poseability even batter than SD17! And these body lines... *flowed into a puddle*  You know what, let us show you....

Slowly... and...   well, you'll understand

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Addition to the ranks on the man.

We are back! I think... but first of all we want to apologize for no updates for so long. We had a very busy travel schedule (yes, tons of pictures that are waiting to be processed too) and in addition we moved to a new home and went through renovations! That's just a background but today I would like to introduce you to yet another love of mine... Yes, I actually thought that there will be a pause after Suigintou but alas, because highly respected Volks company releases something that you just can't pass by! >_<

Please meet with the one who charmed me - Shiro Tachibana from "Tokyo Boys Story" by Volks.

Shiro Tachibana
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He has arrived! Arrrr.

~ He is the lonely hero who lives in the shadows! ~

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