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Tradinional Russian Easter Dish.

Easter (in East Europe it's called Paskha) is the main Christian holiday in Eastern Europe which celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Lent precedes the Easter and it's 40 days long, that's why there is usually a feast on the Easter in Eastern Europe. There are traditional Easter dishes too that have a deep symbolic meaning and they are different from traditional Easter dishes in the West. On the "Easter Sunday" painting by Russian artist Ilya Kaverznev you might feel an atmosphere of Russian Easter and see the traditional Easter dishes, such as - Easter Kulich, Easter eggs and Paskha. Also in the picture you can see pussy willow branches. Pussy willow in Eastern Europe became a replacement to palm branches which is a mandatory attribute of Palm Sunday and in Eastern Europe this holiday is called Pussy Willow Sunday ;)
And today I want to introduce you to a dish named after the holiday, this is Paskha dish. It just so happened that this dish is cooked only once a year for Easter. It's made from tvorog and is traditionally shaped as a pyramid with a cut off top. This shape is a result of using a special mold for this dish, which can be bought in Eastern Europe. But if you don't have such a mold (I don't have too) it doesn't mean that you can't cook this delicious sweet treat. So we will use what we have at home ;) The only thing that you need to find is the main ingredient of this dish that is called tvorog. Wikipedia says that the tvorog is a Quark cheese. I didn't try Quark cheese, so I don't know what's this, but we usually buy Farmer cheese and it tastes right.

So, today in the menu we have:

Paskha with Berry Coulis

п÷п╬я─я├п╦п╬п╫п╫п╟я▐ п©п╟я│я┘п╟ я│ я▐пЁп╬п╢п╫я▀п╪ я│п╬я┐я│п╬п╪


Crab sticks Salad

Today I would like to share with you our most favorite salad with crab sticks. I saw it 5 years ago in the restaurant "Chistiye prudi" in Simferopol. In our opinion this is the best salad with crab sticks that we have ever tasted! And since then this salad is always present on our family table. Usually everyone who tried it asks for a recipe. ;)
But I would like to highlight: I tried American and Japanese mayonnaise and if you want to get the right taste of this salad you need only Russian mayonnaise and no others!
So, today in the menu we have:

"The best salad with crab sticks"

п║п╟п╩п╟я┌ п╦п╥ п╨я─п╟п╠п╬п╡я▀я┘ п©п╟п╩п╬я┤п╣п╨


Who wants to get Tsar's piece of meat!?

I decided to share one of my old recipes. It is very popular in our family and it is being made often. Long time ago I created this recipe based on my taste and that my husband will eat ;) For example, if he would see large pieces of stewed or cooked onion he will pick it out ;) There are many variations of this dish in the ex-USSR countries. With names such as Tsar's Meat and Meat Under "Fur-Coat" and similar. Since the result is most similar to the Tsar's Meat we decided to call it variations!
That why today in the menu we have:

Variations of the Tsar's Meat

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