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Hawaii vacation. Day 1

Finally we got some time to shuffle through our Hawaii vacation photos from end of August.

By the end of August we were in real need of some real vacation. Several places were discussed, amongst them were Hawaii, Florida, Mexico and Puerto Rico. We decided on Hawaii to avoid hurricane season on Atlantic shores.
The plan was to check Oahu for a week-long vacation and decide if Hawaii were worth it at all, and to return later for other islands if so.

Of course soon after we got our tickets I decided to check weather forecast for Honolulu and sure enough it said there would be rain every day. In the end that proved to be irrelevant. Rain on Hawaii is nothing like rain pretty much anywhere else.

And so on August 22, 2009 we boarded our plane and departed. After boring 8 hours (most of which we strategically spent sleeping) finally something showed up in the window.



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