Last day on Hawaii, Aulani Disney resort

On our last day we planned to go to the newly opened Disney resort Aulani.

We had a late evening flight and being afraid of being bored at the resort, we took the long road there, by running a counter-clockwise loop of entire Oahu island which took about 3 hours.

Hawaiian roads
In many places trees overhand the highway.


Disney World: Disney's Hollywood Studios

So we had 3 days of meeting at LUG2011 and after that there still were a couple of days left to explore more of the Disney World and surrounding areas.

For Thursday we only had half a day since the conference concluded at noon and so we decided to visit Disney's Hollywood Studios park as yet another park that had a firework show at night.

Hollywood Boulevard
View from the entrance - Hollywood Boulevard. We can see a giant wizard's hat.


Disney World: Magic Kingdom

So it came time for the next day in Florida, the plan was to visit Disney Magic Kingdom park.

It did not work to go there early because we needed to switch hotels and also meet some friends to go to the park together.

Magic Kingdom gate
This is how the entry to Disney area looks like.


Disney World: Epcot

On Saturday we woke up early and headed to the Epcot park. It promised to be a big one with interesting attractions like a time machine, some fast cars and so on. Also it featured 11 real tiny countries that Ksusha was interested to see. Also promised was night-time fireworks show.

So we departed from our hotel at around 9am and arrived to the park at about 9:15. Parking cost is $14 for the whole day and you can enter multiple times too. I was really impressed by the parking organization too, no need to hunt for a free spot, parking attendants direct you towards where you need to park, as soon as one lot fills it is closed and another one immediately opened.

View from entrance on Disney Topiary Characters
From the entrance gate we immediately see some Disney characters...


Visit to Orlando, Florida

As luck had it, last week there was a LUG2011 in Orlando, FL and I was on the list of people to visit it. The other cool thing about Orlando is it is home to the world's biggest Disney themed park set named Disney World and I guess this one is much more interesting for everybody ;)

Anyway we decided to arrive a few days early so that we actually have time to check the Disney parks.

Landing in Orlando
About to land in Florida.

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