Kyoto Tower

After a longish pause I am returning to our pictures from previous trip to Japan.

On March 10th was out last day in Kyoto and we decided to check out the Kyoto Tower that we have seen so many times from outside.

Since we were staying in Kyoto Tower Hotel, they gave us free tickets to go to the tower itself.

Free tickets
Here we are at the top already. Guide and free ticket in hand. Bottom right of the guide is home to Kyoto Tower mascot.


Autumn Japan: Day 2 in Osaka and Day 2 in Kyoto: Arashiyama

Next day turned out to be rainy and so we decided to not go to Kyoto, but instead go to Nihonbashi shopping area.

But first, breakfast.

Takoyaki soup
We found some takoyaki place at the Shin-Osaka station (it was really hard to find a non-smoking place). These are Takoyaki with soup.


Autumn Japan, Osaka day 1: Amerika-mura

So having left Nara we went to Osaka. Not that we really wanted to stay in Osaka, but by the time we knew the dates we can be in Kanto region, all hotels in Kyoto (and this is where we were planning to go) were sold out.

So we booked a hotel very close to Shin-Osaka station, convenient for travel to Kyoto.

Of course we got to Osaka pretty late, so no point in going to Kyoto that day, instead we decided to go to Amerika-Mura district in Osaka, that is known for it's big shopping areas.

We also wanted to visit Mandarake shop and to eat some yakiniku in the evening.

Light posts at Amerika-mura
Interesting light posts in the area.


Day 11: Osaka

A change of job and holidays sort of slowed down work on the rest of posts about our trip to Japan, but finally here is another one.

On day 11 in the morning we packed our stuff, ordered a taxi and moved to another hotel - much more cheaper Kyoto Ryokan Shoei.

Of course the new hotel was not available for checking this early in the morning, so we just left our suitcases with the lobby and went with the rest of the day's plan from there.

And the plan was to visit Osaka. We got to a nearby JR train station and took a train first to central Kyoto railway station and from there an express train to Osaka.

Main goal of our visit was to see Osaka Castle, but a secondary one was to see a Mandarake shop or two in Osaka as well. And also of course to try some Osaka cuisine.

We arrived to Osaka quite hungry (no breakfast) and then immediately went to the Osaka Castle surroundings hoping to find some food around there. Unfortunately it turned out that restaurants were located not very close and we also took quite a walk to the river and then crossing it.

Sashimi on rice bowl
Seafood on a rice bowl.

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