How to find BJD shops in Beijing

UPDATE from Oct 2014: only Angell studio shop is left there, the other two permanently closed.

It was a busy time with a lot of travel lately, so no updates as a result. We are back home now and so the updates will resume and we'll also work on the backlog of pictures to post too.

Our last trip at the end of October happened to be in Beijing and while there we decided to look for some BJD shops.

The task turned out to be more complicated than anticipated. Various Google searches only returned a single relevant page on UK BJD forum that contained some vague instructions that later appeared out of date. Luckily it had some pictures and after some running around we finally confirmed that the shops have moved and so the hunt for new locations begin.

The shops in questions were for Angell-studio, Spirit Doll and Doll-Zone. I contacted Angell-studio and they provided me with an address of their dealer in Beijing: 北京市朝阳区朝外大街日坛国际贸易中心B座G层H089 or in plain English: H089, G/F, Tower B, Ritan International Trade Center

This is just a few blocks away from the old location in the Kuntai Royal hotel, about 5 blocks from Chaoyangmen subway station on the circle line (line number 2).

Here are the directions, starting with a map:

#1 is Ministry of Foreign Affairs, #2 is Kuntai royal hotel.

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