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Natsume figure

Recently we have acquired another boy for our figure collection. His name is Takashi Natsume from Anime Natsume's Friend Book.

Natsume and Nyanko-sensei

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Nanoha Takamachi Ace of Aces Exceed Mode from Alter review

Lately we seem to have a strange streak of figure-delivering problems. First HLJ lost a couple of our orders (luckily they made the right thing in the end), then HobbySearch somehow had a computer glitch that prevented sending the Nanoha for a month until we suspected something is wrong and asked them for clarifications.

Anyway, finally the package have arrived and we finally made the pictures for this review.

Ksusha likes the Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha series a lot and she was the primary driver behind getting this figure and holding quite high hopes.

The figure did not disappoint. Looks exactly like in the series.


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Aoi Sakuraba

I noticed some time ago that as the financial crisis worsened people started to sell their collections which represents a huge opportunity to buy rare and impossible to find stuff at reasonable prices for all kind of collectors.
Aoi Sakuraba is 1/6 scale prepainted cold-cast resin figure from New Line (end of 2003) is one of recent crisis victims it seems.
Of course we jumped at the opportunity and adopted Aoi-chan.

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Review of Urd and World of Elegance Gathering kit from E2046

It's pretty sad that figure producers tend to concentrate on sexy girls often over-emphasizing their sexiness and throw in so much fan-service it is almost unbearable.
The best developed Anime characters barely get produced and sometimes all the loyal fans get is a garage kit.

So was the story with "Urd and World of Elegance" from "Ah! My goddess". The best version was a garage kit from Hiromen that is impossible to find at that.
As it often happens, E2046 decided to help and came with their own version of this kit, also available prepainted from Gathering.

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