The Crimea

Last visit to The Crimea (old)

This is one of the "clearing the backlog of pictures" post covering out visit to The Crimea in September-October 2010.

We went to The Crimea in September for a month and a half to spend both of our birthdays and a wedding anniversary with our relatives.

We are wearing kimonos
Here we are on Ksusha's birthday wearing yukatas (summer kimono). You can imagine we were eating Japanese food too ;)


Out of turn trip to The Crimea

We were long planning a trip to The Crimea for the coming August, but at the beginning of July it became obvious that the tickets are going to remain way too expensive until the very last few days of August and out trip would be much more realistinc in September-October timeframe.

That is all fine except some of our friends are only present in The Crime at summer and would need to go to Moscow at the end of August.

So looking at my huge SkyMiles balance I wondered if I can get some "free" air tickets and surprisingly there were a few days in July that had air travel possible for pretty small amount of miles and the return trip would be in business class too. After some thinking we decided that we should go and got tickets for July 9th to go to The Crimea and back on July 24. The roundtrip tickets to Kiev only cost ~$240 for two (and only this much because Ksusha did not have enough miles balance I transferred some to her which is not free).

A nice surprise also awaited us in New York, while boarding the airplane I was flagged by the gate agent and informed that I was upgraded to business class for that part of the trip. I indicated that I was traveling not alone (we bought separate tickets) and we both got upgraded as a result.

п≈п╟ п╬п╨п╫п╬п╪ я│п╟п╪п╬п╩п╣я┌п╟

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