Sad day of September 4th

We were holding high hopes for this Labor day weekend that also coincides with the biggest US fireworks in Knoxville called BoomsDay.

Big plans to take a lot of pictures and video yet the weather was not cooperating, it started cloudy with a thunderstorm in the forecast, yet we hoped for the best and rushed to the location at 2pm to get at least somewhat decent spots.

Neylands Dr
Neylands Drive from the parking lot roof, not a lot of people yet. I am sure the bad weather contributed as well.


Disney World: Epcot

On Saturday we woke up early and headed to the Epcot park. It promised to be a big one with interesting attractions like a time machine, some fast cars and so on. Also it featured 11 real tiny countries that Ksusha was interested to see. Also promised was night-time fireworks show.

So we departed from our hotel at around 9am and arrived to the park at about 9:15. Parking cost is $14 for the whole day and you can enter multiple times too. I was really impressed by the parking organization too, no need to hunt for a free spot, parking attendants direct you towards where you need to park, as soon as one lot fills it is closed and another one immediately opened.

View from entrance on Disney Topiary Characters
From the entrance gate we immediately see some Disney characters...


July 4th Fireworks

For a few years already I was planning to do some fireworks photography and today we finally managed to go to the Independence Day festival in Knoxville with a camera and tripod.

Seems some amount of practice is needed for best results, but even for my first try I have some interesting shots.


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