Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11

On March 15th we have attended Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11 (also visited Japan, but more about that in another post).

This was actually a very strange Dolpa - very short and very few limited items, also somewhat strange rules.

Line to draw limited item line numbers
The line to draw tickets for limited items line (and a guidebook that serves as the ticket)


December 2014 - Tokyo Dolpa 32

Tokyo Dolpa in Dec 2014 was pretty big again, but we came in force this time with a lot of friends, thanks to that and a number of guidebooks,
we (our friends, really) managed to score a real good number. First time I held such a low number in my hands.

Dolpa limited line ticket 40


HT Dolpa Kyoto 10

On March 9th there was a hometown Dolpa in Kyoto that we attended.

There was a huge crowd at the entrance and a usual "draw your entry number" kind of system. Even though we had 7 guidebooks (that serve as a ticket to enter), we drawn some terrible numbers all over 2000 that would provide us no chances to get anything of value.

Luckily we went to Dolpa with many friends (which seems to be the recommended mode of operations) and some of them got a much-much better number than us. One of them was so kind as to give their number to us too.

So I went to the limited items line area and Ksusha stayed at the dealer access line.

ticket to limited items line
The low number we were given by a friend.


Tokyo Dolpa 26

Today we have yet another out of line post I guess.

On Dec 18 there was a Dolpa 26 held in Tokyo, an event Ksusha wanted to attend, so just as if we had not enough flying already we boarded a plane and went to Japan (again).

We have read before that Japanese Dolpas are very unlike USA dolpas, but wanted to see it all with our own eyes anyway.

To get to Japanese dolpa you need to buy a guidebook, special booklet that is used as a ticket and explains the planned activities, has various forms and such.

Official Guide Book

The guidebook might come in two forms too, just a guidebook or with lunch tickets. They are sold in VOLKS showrooms or on the VOLKS website. Some events are very popular and the guide books are sold out fast, some events are less popular and the guidebooks are available for quite a while.


Dolls Party in New York 4, day 2

And now a report from the second day of NY Dolpa 4.

The second day opening was scheduled at 10:30, so we arrived at 9:44 to be sure to get some chance of buying limited things on sale that we were not able to preorder.

Of course even at 9:44 there was a huge line standing outside of FIT this time :O



Dolls Party in New York 4

We just returned from Dolls Party in New York organized by VOLKS. (June 19-20, 2010).

The event short name is "dolpa" and VOLKS tries to hold it annually for the people who bought their dolls to appreciate the customers and let everybody enjoy and show off their dolls to others. Usually some special limited edition dolls are created for each event too with a chance for participants to have a chance at buying.

The party was centered around "Alice in Wonderland" theme.

Since we live in TN and the air travel was somewhat expensive we decided to go by car which turned out to be not so hard.

This was a first dolpa we attended.

When we arrived some 20 minutes before starting time there was a huge line already.

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