Paris, day 1

So a few weeks ago my company asked me if I was interested to go to a European conference held in Paris. Of course I was!

So then came a bit of a nightmare to get our EU/Schengen visas in order which we have received just a day before our departure.

Anyway the day came and we were all set to depart in the evening of Sep 22.

Sunset in Knoxville Airport
Sunset before our departure.


AX'11 Day 4

So the last day of Anime Expo and the last day of our stay in LA has begun.

We started the day in a usual way, by having a breakfast ;)

Breakfast Ksusha had. I had radically different one that was very good, but no pictures for you ;)


July 4th Fireworks

For a few years already I was planning to do some fireworks photography and today we finally managed to go to the Independence Day festival in Knoxville with a camera and tripod.

Seems some amount of practice is needed for best results, but even for my first try I have some interesting shots.



Day 7. Evening at the Chidori ga Fuchi moat

In the evening of day 7 we decided to go to the Chidori ga Fuchi part of the moat around the emperor palace. We have  seen some spectacular pictures of beautifully lit sakura trees at night and wanted to capture something like that.

We arrived during a day time, though the sky was overcast and not pretty. Yet right after exiting the subway station the atmosphere looked quite different from the rest of Tokyo. We immediately saw a lot of sakura trees and people with cameras taking pictures.

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬
Moat during the day.


Visit to New York

Aside from the trip to NY dolpa we also have been to New York itself of course. Actually we spent most of the time in New Jersey, just across the river from Manhattan, since hotels and food are much cheaper this way.

The dolpa was held at Fashion Institute of Technology, and there was this high-tech parking nearby that reminded me of Japanese parking.

п÷п╟я─п╨п╬п╡п╨п╟ п╡ NY


Day 6 continued. Odaiba at night

After we finished our dinner in Izakaya, it was already dark. Ihara-san and his family headed home and we decided to wander around some more and to take some night pictures.

Rainbow bridge at night
Rainbow bridge at night.

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