December 2014 - Tokyo Dolpa 32

Tokyo Dolpa in Dec 2014 was pretty big again, but we came in force this time with a lot of friends, thanks to that and a number of guidebooks,
we (our friends, really) managed to score a real good number. First time I held such a low number in my hands.

Dolpa limited line ticket 40


December 2014 visit to Japan for Dolpa 32, part 1: before the dolpa

In December 2014 we took another trip to Japan, this time almost exclusively for attending Tokyo Dolpa 32, but there were also a few days before Dolpa where we just did other things.

I'll concentrate on those for this post.

Atlanta airport
A Delta plane as we wait in Atlanta.


Trip to Japan in October 2014, part 1: Conference, Tachibana-Ya ryokan.

From China we went straight to Japan (it's really strange how a ticket from US to China then to Japan and back to China was twice as cheap as the ticket straight to Japan for the same dates).

In Japan first of all we attended another conference where I delivered a talk in Japanese (a first for me).

JLUG 2015 conference


IDoll Vol 39 visit on Dec 8th

On Dec 8th we went to another dolls event in Tokyo: I Doll Vol.39 that was held in Hamamatsucho Hall.

Somewhat largish line at the entrance.


Tokyo in November

After coming to Tokyo nothing terribly excited happened. We wandered a bit around Akihabara first.



Short business trip to Beijing and Tokyo at the end of February - beginning of March 2013

With some more travel coming out soon, I decided to catch up on some earlier travels.

This short post will cover my short trip to Beijing and Tokyo that I had early this year.

Fortune rom a cookie on the way to Beijing
On the way to Beijing I got this promising fortune from a cookie ;)


Christmas in Tokyo, Christmas Illuminations

Continuing the previous Christmas Tokyo report.

On December 24th, on the Christmas eve we decided to go to Tokyo Lalaport shopping complex looking for yet another VOLKS shop.

JApanese street toilet
On the way to the subway we noticed this interesting public toilet. Looks like Japanese people are not very concerned about privacy.


Our late December 2011 trip to Tokyo

Finally got some time to continue posting our (somewhat stale now) travel bits.

My company asked me to visit Tokyo to work with an important client in Tokyo just a week after we returned from our vacation in Tokyo, I touched a little bit on this in our post about Tokyo Dolpa 26.

We have arrived on Dec 16th and stayed in Kawasaki most of the time.

Sara Udon
This is our first dinner after arrival, quite late in the day when a lot of restaurants have already closed and it was hard to find a non-smoking place anyway. It's called Sara-Udon and we totally expected Udon to be a soup bowl, but it turned out to be something else, sigh.


Day 7 in Tokyo: Kodokan, Tokyo Tower

On our 15th (and last full) day in Japan at first we went to Kodokan, the Judo academy and museum. Not that we are very interested in Judo, but a friend asked to get him some stuff there and since we had nothing better to do anyway we decided to check it out.

Biycle parking
Bicycle parking in building across the street from our hotel.


Days 3-6 in Tokyo.

The plans for next day were pretty scarce, so we woke up pretty late again.

About this time I started to realize that winter in Tokyo is pretty boring. Bad weather combined with little to see.

So we decided to go to Nakano Broadway, a place where supposedly a lot of anime shops located.

Buta shogoyaki
But first, breakfast (this is Buta Shogoyaki)



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