Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11

On March 15th we have attended Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11 (also visited Japan, but more about that in another post).

This was actually a very strange Dolpa - very short and very few limited items, also somewhat strange rules.

Line to draw limited item line numbers
The line to draw tickets for limited items line (and a guidebook that serves as the ticket)


Kyoto Tower

After a longish pause I am returning to our pictures from previous trip to Japan.

On March 10th was out last day in Kyoto and we decided to check out the Kyoto Tower that we have seen so many times from outside.

Since we were staying in Kyoto Tower Hotel, they gave us free tickets to go to the tower itself.

Free tickets
Here we are at the top already. Guide and free ticket in hand. Bottom right of the guide is home to Kyoto Tower mascot.


HT Dolpa Kyoto 10

On March 9th there was a hometown Dolpa in Kyoto that we attended.

There was a huge crowd at the entrance and a usual "draw your entry number" kind of system. Even though we had 7 guidebooks (that serve as a ticket to enter), we drawn some terrible numbers all over 2000 that would provide us no chances to get anything of value.

Luckily we went to Dolpa with many friends (which seems to be the recommended mode of operations) and some of them got a much-much better number than us. One of them was so kind as to give their number to us too.

So I went to the limited items line area and Ksusha stayed at the dealer access line.

ticket to limited items line
The low number we were given by a friend.


Nov 30, Christmas Fair 2013 at Tenshi no Sato

On Nov 30th we had a really simple plan: visit first day of Volks Christmas at Tenshi no Sato and then go back to Tokyo in the evening.

So we checked out of our hotel in the morning and rushed to Saga-Arashiyama station. Surprisingly I do not have any pictures of the line or initial purchase rush. We managed to get a couple of dolls and then went to have some tea with new seasonal cakes at Tenshi no Sato cafe:

Cakes at Sato
Chocolate roll


Eikando: night and day

On Nov 28th we spend first half of the day going to Nara to get some mikan juice, and for the evening we decided to visit Eikando, a famous temple with a lot of nice fall foliage. The other benefit was that they were open at night, so we packed up our tripod and went there.

Pizza for breakfast
Pizza for breakfast.


Kyoto: Arashiyama

On our previous visit to Kyoto we failed to get to the monkey park in Arashiyama, so this time on Nov 27th we decided to do it.

Kyoto Tower
On the way to the train at Kyoto station I looked back to take this Kyoto Tower picture.


Kyoto, days 1&2, Tenshi no Sato

On Saturday November 24th we boarded a very early shinkansen to Kyoto at 7am and have arrived at around 9:40am, checked into our hotel and rushed to Saga-Arashiyama station to meet with a friend and have some breakfast.

Lunch at SaganoYu - pancake
Pancake at SaganoYu restaurant.


Autumn Japan: Day 2 in Osaka and Day 2 in Kyoto: Arashiyama

Next day turned out to be rainy and so we decided to not go to Kyoto, but instead go to Nihonbashi shopping area.

But first, breakfast.

Takoyaki soup
We found some takoyaki place at the Shin-Osaka station (it was really hard to find a non-smoking place). These are Takoyaki with soup.


Autumn Kyoto, day 1: Tofuku-ji, Tenshi-no-Sato.

So next day came and we headed to Kyoto. Getting there from our hotel was an easy 23 minutes train ride (that set us back for something like 540 yen/person).

The day in Kyoto was preplanned in a way, it's when we planned to meet a friend that we have met at SC'10. He lives in Kyoto and also has Suigintou that Ksusha and our Hina-chan wanted to see very much, yes, Hina-chan also came with us to Japan ;)

Anyway we've got to Kyoto and the first stop was at Tofuku-ji temple, a famous zen temple. It was established in Kamakura period, about 750 years ago. The name was taken from two major temples in Nara: Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji.

Center outer gate
Central outer gate.


Day 15, part 2: Fushimi Inari Taisha

Second part of our last day is a special moment and we decided to spend it in a really special place.

That special place is Fushimi Inari Shrine, dedicated to god of fertility, rice, industry and so on. Soon you will see what's special about it.

We wanted to visit it in a second half of a day for a variety of reasons including the recommendation to visit it in the evening because it's scarier that way.

Next train Display in Kyoto
Display at the train station announcing a train and also how many cars it has and what symbol to look for to determine where those cars stop an where their doors will en up being.



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