Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11

On March 15th we have attended Hometown Dolpa Kyoto 11 (also visited Japan, but more about that in another post).

This was actually a very strange Dolpa - very short and very few limited items, also somewhat strange rules.

Line to draw limited item line numbers
The line to draw tickets for limited items line (and a guidebook that serves as the ticket)


December 2014 - Tokyo Dolpa 32

Tokyo Dolpa in Dec 2014 was pretty big again, but we came in force this time with a lot of friends, thanks to that and a number of guidebooks,
we (our friends, really) managed to score a real good number. First time I held such a low number in my hands.

Dolpa limited line ticket 40


December 2014 visit to Japan for Dolpa 32, part 1: before the dolpa

In December 2014 we took another trip to Japan, this time almost exclusively for attending Tokyo Dolpa 32, but there were also a few days before Dolpa where we just did other things.

I'll concentrate on those for this post.

Atlanta airport
A Delta plane as we wait in Atlanta.


Trip to Japan in October 2014, part 1: Ryugon ryokan, Tenshi no Sato

And so we are continuing the story of our October trip to Japan.

After getting to Niigata station on a regular train, we transferred to Shinkansen Max Toki to IchigoYuzawa station.

Two level shinkansen Max
Max Toki - two story Toki Shinkansen.


Trip to Japan in October 2014, part 1: Conference, Tachibana-Ya ryokan.

From China we went straight to Japan (it's really strange how a ticket from US to China then to Japan and back to China was twice as cheap as the ticket straight to Japan for the same dates).

In Japan first of all we attended another conference where I delivered a talk in Japanese (a first for me).

JLUG 2015 conference


Kyoto Tower

After a longish pause I am returning to our pictures from previous trip to Japan.

On March 10th was out last day in Kyoto and we decided to check out the Kyoto Tower that we have seen so many times from outside.

Since we were staying in Kyoto Tower Hotel, they gave us free tickets to go to the tower itself.

Free tickets
Here we are at the top already. Guide and free ticket in hand. Bottom right of the guide is home to Kyoto Tower mascot.


Strawberry picking in Japan

On March 11th we decided to go and pick some fresh strawberries with our friends in Japan.

It turned out mid-March is about the right time to go strawberry picking in Japan, also all sorts of strawberry dishes and candies start to appear everywhere.

Strawberry farm
Here we have just arrived to the "farm" and preparing to pay for the joy.


HT Dolpa Kyoto 10

On March 9th there was a hometown Dolpa in Kyoto that we attended.

There was a huge crowd at the entrance and a usual "draw your entry number" kind of system. Even though we had 7 guidebooks (that serve as a ticket to enter), we drawn some terrible numbers all over 2000 that would provide us no chances to get anything of value.

Luckily we went to Dolpa with many friends (which seems to be the recommended mode of operations) and some of them got a much-much better number than us. One of them was so kind as to give their number to us too.

So I went to the limited items line area and Ksusha stayed at the dealer access line.

ticket to limited items line
The low number we were given by a friend.


Trip to Japan in March 2014

Seems we are getting to Japan pretty frequently these days. We decided to go in March again because of the Kyoto Hometown Dolpa 10 since Ksusha really wanted some of the dolls from there.

New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F
This time we finally got a flight out of Atlanta airport new terminal F with their new Sky Club.


IDoll Vol 39 visit on Dec 8th

On Dec 8th we went to another dolls event in Tokyo: I Doll Vol.39 that was held in Hamamatsucho Hall.

Somewhat largish line at the entrance.



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