Tenshi no Sato

Trip to Japan in October 2014, part 1: Ryugon ryokan, Tenshi no Sato

And so we are continuing the story of our October trip to Japan.

After getting to Niigata station on a regular train, we transferred to Shinkansen Max Toki to IchigoYuzawa station.

Two level shinkansen Max
Max Toki - two story Toki Shinkansen.


Trip to Japan in October 2014, part 1: Conference, Tachibana-Ya ryokan.

From China we went straight to Japan (it's really strange how a ticket from US to China then to Japan and back to China was twice as cheap as the ticket straight to Japan for the same dates).

In Japan first of all we attended another conference where I delivered a talk in Japanese (a first for me).

JLUG 2015 conference


Trip to Japan in March 2014

Seems we are getting to Japan pretty frequently these days. We decided to go in March again because of the Kyoto Hometown Dolpa 10 since Ksusha really wanted some of the dolls from there.

New Delta Sky Club Atlanta terminal F
This time we finally got a flight out of Atlanta airport new terminal F with their new Sky Club.


Nov 30, Christmas Fair 2013 at Tenshi no Sato

On Nov 30th we had a really simple plan: visit first day of Volks Christmas at Tenshi no Sato and then go back to Tokyo in the evening.

So we checked out of our hotel in the morning and rushed to Saga-Arashiyama station. Surprisingly I do not have any pictures of the line or initial purchase rush. We managed to get a couple of dolls and then went to have some tea with new seasonal cakes at Tenshi no Sato cafe:

Cakes at Sato
Chocolate roll


Kyoto, days 1&2, Tenshi no Sato

On Saturday November 24th we boarded a very early shinkansen to Kyoto at 7am and have arrived at around 9:40am, checked into our hotel and rushed to Saga-Arashiyama station to meet with a friend and have some breakfast.

Lunch at SaganoYu - pancake
Pancake at SaganoYu restaurant.


Autumn Kyoto, day 1: Tofuku-ji, Tenshi-no-Sato.

So next day came and we headed to Kyoto. Getting there from our hotel was an easy 23 minutes train ride (that set us back for something like 540 yen/person).

The day in Kyoto was preplanned in a way, it's when we planned to meet a friend that we have met at SC'10. He lives in Kyoto and also has Suigintou that Ksusha and our Hina-chan wanted to see very much, yes, Hina-chan also came with us to Japan ;)

Anyway we've got to Kyoto and the first stop was at Tofuku-ji temple, a famous zen temple. It was established in Kamakura period, about 750 years ago. The name was taken from two major temples in Nara: Todai-ji and Kofuku-ji.

Center outer gate
Central outer gate.


Tenshi no Sato visit

Just a few days ago we returned from Japan. A trip we long dreamed about. More complete everyday reports will follow too, but we wanted to start with pictures closer to the end of our visit.

On April 18th we visited Tenshi no Sato, famous VOLKS Dollfie place. It is located in a beautiful garden, only open on holidays and weekends and you can only get there with an advance reservation. At most 100 customers can visit in a single day. We wanted to describe it while our memory is still fresh.
This is also the place where our Hina-chan was born.

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