French Cookies Sablé.

Today I want to introduce you to a very delicious, sophisticated and stylish French butter cookies originated from French town Caen of Lower Normandy region. For these cookies you will need only simple pantry ingredients and the name of these cookies is Sablé. The name speaks for itself because French word sable means "sand" and the hallmark of the cookies is soft, delicate, crumbly texture and their golden color. But not all recipes can achieve that exact delicate crumbliness that defines Sablés and to achieve this we will need the traditional French secret ingredient - hard-cooked egg yolk! Yes, this ingredient will give you the possibility to enjoy supremely sandy Sablés. These cookies can be of different shapes and with of different flavors but me wouldn't be me If I didn't tell you about this exact appearance!
So, today in the menu we have:

Checkerboard Cookies.
Checkerboard Cookies

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