Review of Urd and World of Elegance Gathering kit from E2046

It's pretty sad that figure producers tend to concentrate on sexy girls often over-emphasizing their sexiness and throw in so much fan-service it is almost unbearable.
The best developed Anime characters barely get produced and sometimes all the loyal fans get is a garage kit.

So was the story with "Urd and World of Elegance" from "Ah! My goddess". The best version was a garage kit from Hiromen that is impossible to find at that.
As it often happens, E2046 decided to help and came with their own version of this kit, also available prepainted from Gathering.

As such E2046 version seems to be the most affordable and easy to get version of this gorgeous figure (runs at around $185 in their store now).

We really got somewhat unlucky as it arrived to us somewhat damaged. One strand of hair and a hand broke, though nothing a superglue cannot fix.
Somehow E2046 is the only vendor who manages to send us figures that arrive damaged.

The Urd really looks gorgeous when you look at it from some distance and we do not regret buying it at all.
Sure she will feel great along with her fellow sister Belldandy that we also already have.

Link to full-resolution version of the above picture

Great looking "flying in the air" mount. I really hope it will last and won't break, though.

Nice Ying-Yang base.

But when you really look close, various things start to jump at you that are not so nice.

Bad seams in hairs and clothes

Sometimes pretty shoddy paint job. Really ugly finish at the hair ends. Also on this picture we can see how one hair strand covers part of the face. This really was not the case in the original kit.

But overall - the impression is pretty good and if you are not afraid of those problems I listed - definitely get the figure while it is still available!



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