Day 7. Evening at the Chidori ga Fuchi moat

In the evening of day 7 we decided to go to the Chidori ga Fuchi part of the moat around the emperor palace. We have  seen some spectacular pictures of beautifully lit sakura trees at night and wanted to capture something like that.

We arrived during a day time, though the sky was overcast and not pretty. Yet right after exiting the subway station the atmosphere looked quite different from the rest of Tokyo. We immediately saw a lot of sakura trees and people with cameras taking pictures.

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬
Moat during the day.

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬

HDR of the moat.

п║п╟п╨я┐я─п╟ я┐ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬
Some Sakura coverage.

Tayasu Gate
Tayasu gate in front of martial arts academy. A lot of children with wooden swords were coming out of the gate and meeting their parents.

п п╬п╫я└п╣я┌п╨п╟, п╨п╬я┌п╬я─я┐я▌ п╫п╟п╪ п©п╬п╢п╟я─п╦п╩п╦
While I was busy taking pictures, some woman gave this candy to Ksusha.

п■п╬я─п╬п╤п╨п╟ п╨п╬ п╡я┘п╬п╢я┐ п╡ п╠я┐п╢п╬п╨п╟п╫
This is the road to the Tayasu gate.

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬
And some more moat pictures from Tayasu gate.

Then we walked by Chidori ga fuchi to the street where a lot of the blossoming sakuras are with a plan to wait until it's dark and the lights are on. Nothing predicted any problems, the trees were surrounded by lights too.

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬

п⌡п╬п╢п╬я┤п╫п╟я▐ я│я┌п╟п╫я├п╦я▐ п╡п╣я┤п╣я─п╬п╪
Already closed boat station at the moat. It was getting darker. During a day you can rent a boat and ride around moat.

п°п╬я│я┌ я┤п╣я─п╣п╥ я─п╬п╡
Car bridge over the moat.

п°п╬я│я┌ я┤п╣я─п╣п╥ я─п╬п╡ п╡п╣я┤п╣я─п╬п╪
And it was getting even more darker, yet the Sakura lights did not turn on.

п═п╬п╡ п╡п╬п╨я─я┐пЁ п╦п╪п©п╣я─п╟я┌п╬я─я│п╨п╬пЁп╬ п╥п╟п╪п╨п╟ п╡ п╒п╬п╨п╦п╬ п╡п╣я┤п╣я─п╬п╪
Sakura trees on both sides of the moat without lights.

п°п╬я│я┌ я┤п╣я─п╣п╥ я─п╬п╡ п╫п╬я┤я▄я▌
And finally it became pretty dark and still no lights on the trees.

The problem was it was not only getting darker, but colder too. Eventually we gave up and decided that we need some warm place, preferably with some hot food.
Quick check with an iphone told us ther was nothing nearby and the closest restaurant was of american cuisine and while within walking distance, still not so close.
We decided that we'd visit it hoping for the light might be turn on later still on our way back to the station.

Yet in the restaurant we were informed that the lights would not turn on anymore (for two days already) because the Sakura blossoming season already ended, what a pity.

п√п╟я─п╣п╫я▀п╣ п╨п╬п╩я▄я├п╟ п╨п╟п╩я▄п╪п╟я─п╟
Fried squid rings.

п я┐я─п╦п╫я▀п╧ я│п╟п╩п╟я┌
Chicken salad.

п⌡п╬я│п╬я│я▄ п╫п╟ пЁя─п╦п╩п╣
Grilled salmon.

п÷п╬я─п╬я│я▐я┤я▄п╦ я─п╣п╠я─я▀я┬п╨п╦
Baby pork back ribs.

The food was ok, also surprisingly dishes were "american-size" too. Still this was not quite the food we planned to eat in Japan (and expensive at that, entire dinner ended up costing us something like $120). The baby back ribs, spposedly the pride of the place, were even somewhat worse that what we make at home.

Finished with the food we walked back, but also decided to see what was at the other side of the road from the Tayasu gate. It turned out there was a quiet alley with a huge torii gate there (Daiichi Torii) leading to the Yasukuni Shrine (we found about it later, as we did not follow it).

Daiichi Torii (Great Gate) at night

п╓п╬п╫п╟я─п╦п╨ п╡ я│п╟п╨я┐я─п╣ п╫п╬я┤я▄я▌
A nice lantern in the trees near the alley.

Having checked that we headed to the station.

п═п╬п╡ п╫п╬я┤я▄я▌

п═п╬п╡ п╫п╬я┤я▄я▌
The moat at night. Great view.

п║п©я▐я┴п╦п╣ п©п╟я│я│п╟п╤п╦я─я▀ п╡ п╪п╣я┌я─п╬
On the way back we have seen sleeping Japanese on a train. It's not that you can only see it at night of course, but at least there was not a lot of people so we can snap this picture.

This concluded the day 7 in Japan for us.