Little flower angels!

Lately I come here so rarely, I'm so sorry! :cry: But if you would like to know more frequent and short updates you can find me at flickr as ~Ksenia~.
Today I finally will introduce to you our new little angels that we won at different Volks events. I already have been telling about these type of Volks angels before in the post about Izumi. From this Spring to this Autumn we came a long way to their current look. I also would like to thank VolksUSA staff for their help in explanations and support regarding Rei-Tenshies! Also huge thanks to a very talented face-up artist ~La croix de sang~ who made my fantasy possible! I think she is just a wizard!!!

So, here are our two little angels:

Dianthus and Delphinium    

I tried myself in cutting and dyeing hairs, sewing and making jewelery accessories. This wasn't really easy because they are so tiny! Huge thanks to my mom regarding tips about patterns for clothing over a phone   And of course they've got new face-ups and eyes!

Dianthus and Delphinium
I named them Dianthus and Delphinium. These are Latin names of flowers and I'm using a bit more Latin pronunciation for it then English one.

First is Dianthus, green won this little one at HT Dolpa Kyoto 10!

And second is Delphinium, that I won at Tenshi-no-Sumika in LA Closing Event and Tea-Party right after Dolpa in Kyoto!

That's it for now, wait to see these little ones in Japan, they made a huge hit there! ;)