Aoi Sakuraba

I noticed some time ago that as the financial crisis worsened people started to sell their collections which represents a huge opportunity to buy rare and impossible to find stuff at reasonable prices for all kind of collectors.
Aoi Sakuraba is 1/6 scale prepainted cold-cast resin figure from New Line (end of 2003) is one of recent crisis victims it seems.
Of course we jumped at the opportunity and adopted Aoi-chan.

The figure comes complete with a base looking like a tatami and a mirror.
Aoi-chan puts off her kimono and I can only imagine she is waiting for her beloved Kaoru-sama.
Figure details are fantastic too. See for yourself:

Kimono with an obi, obiage and obijime, nagajuban and white pantsu underneath.

Such a dreamy expression.

Of course the body features are not forgotten at all.

The oppai are completed to smallest details even though you really need to look under the kimono to see them.

And a closer look at the base.

I am very impressed with this one and if you can get your hands on one, don't hesitate.

And at the end, a silhouette:



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