Brief trip to LA for Volks store closing on March 15-16

Last week we've been to Japan (more about it later) and on the way back from there made a stop in Los Angeles.

The occasion for the stop was less than happy. Volks USA ceased operations of its Los Angeles store and it was the last weekend the store was open. As a customer appreciation event they also held a tea party on Sunday that we also attended.

Due to the closure there was also a sale for the entire stock of items that attracted quite a crowd.

Line to the sale
Line 45 minutes before open.

Line to the sale
Almost opening time. 140+ people in line.

Line to the sale
New Volks USA general manager Hideyoshi Shigeta (left).

Line position drawing
The order of entry to the store was implemented as a drawing conducted on first come first serve basis.


Our numbers
Our numbers were not particularly good.

Visitor's doll, DWC02 head.

Tenshi no Sumika in LA sign
Sign at Volks store in LA.

We bought some stuff there and then since it's LA, we went to a movie set with a friend.

The movie is about some sort of a big earthquake in LA area and was being shot at Los Angeles river.

Movie set

That camera arm on the car at right is called "Russian Arm" for some reason.

Movie set

Big seagull
Giant seagull.

Willow Studios
Willow studios. There were 4 movies being shot aroudn this location at the same time.

Fountain in The Grove in LA
Then we went to eat near The Grove (interesting fountain there).

Lustre shop
Lustre shop ;)

at Farmers market
A band at Farmers market.


Our dinner.

Apple store glass stair
Glass staircase in Apple Store.

VIP waiting area in parking area
VIP waiting area in the parking garage.

Next day we went to the Volks store again.

Bloody's shopping cart
Face up artist Bloody purchased all sorts of stuff at a discount. This is about 1/3 of the final purchase.

Dolls at a small pre-teaparty meetup
Impromptu doll meetup on the second floor that was now clear of the merchandise due to tea party preparations.

Dolls at a small pre-teaparty meetup

Dolls at a small pre-teaparty meetup

Dolls at a small pre-teaparty meetup
This owner sew this kimono all by herself. Good result I think.

Bonmwe and her Alices at a doll doctor
Bonmwe and her two Alice girls at a doll doctor appointment.

At the doll party there was a Tenraijin game just like at the real dolpa (but no bingo game since there were only 53 participants).

I did not win much, just a "forever rose".

But Ksusha won a Rei-Tenshi.

Tea party sign

Here's a group shot from the party:

Hideyoshi-san giving his final speech
Hideyoshi-san is delivering his closing speech.

And the speech itself.

Volks staff downstairs
Japanese support staff.

Group shot of dolls after tea party
Group shot of boy dolls after the event.




Water and cookies from after tea party.
Also after the "tea party" there were cookies and water.

Unpacking after arrival home
Our loot for the combined Japanese and LA trip after we returned home.


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