Nov 30, Christmas Fair 2013 at Tenshi no Sato

On Nov 30th we had a really simple plan: visit first day of Volks Christmas at Tenshi no Sato and then go back to Tokyo in the evening.

So we checked out of our hotel in the morning and rushed to Saga-Arashiyama station. Surprisingly I do not have any pictures of the line or initial purchase rush. We managed to get a couple of dolls and then went to have some tea with new seasonal cakes at Tenshi no Sato cafe:

Cakes at Sato
Chocolate roll

Cakes at Sato
And another chocolate cake.

After that we went to take some doll pictures.

BTW, interesting observation. Tenshi no Sato is full girls with SDs on Saturdays, but on Sundays it's mostly guys with big-breasted DDs ;)

Owners dolls at Sato Christmas Fair 2013

Our SD17 Shiro and Yo-Midi Reisner at Sato
Our pair ;)

Friend's Yo-Midi Reisner at Sato
This is Abelard, you met him in our previous Sato visit.

Friend's SD13 Tony at Sato
And this is SD13 Tony, that has name Anders. Those two dolls of our friend.

Tony, Shiro and double Reisners at Sato Christmas Fair 2013
All four together.

Koi at Tenshi-no-Sato

Koi at Tenshi-no-Sato

Meanwhile the fish outside has attracted a guest.

Unwelcome guest at Sato Garden
A very unwelcome guest.

Unwelcome guest at Sato Garden

We called Volks staff that told us these these birds are quite a nuisance, but they no longer put the strings on top of the pond (as could be seen on our old pictures) because they don't look nice.

Instead the staff has special volks-branded slingshots to keep the birds away.

That's how visitors makes pictures of their dolls ;)

Our Shuro at Sato Garden
Our friend shown us this very nice picture spot.

Tensh-n-Sato Garden

Tony, Shiro and double Reisners at Sato Autumn Garden

Tenshi-no-Sato at Autumn

Tenshi-no-Sato at Autumn
Lots of leaves have fallen already compared to our visit a week prior.

Then we moved to indoor photospaces.

SD13 Tony at Sato

Owners dolls at Sato
Some visitors dolls.

Kyoto view from Sato window
Kyoto street from the Volks 3rd floor window.

Yo-Midi Reisner and SDMidi Cecile at Sato
Here is our Reisner with Midi Cecile.

Reisners and the Cat at Sato
We found pretty nice photo space, and somehow it's turned into a situation like this....

Reisners, Cecile and the Cat at Sato

Black Cat
The cat was quite shocked by all surrounding activity, it seems.

Shiro, Cecile, Isao, Tony and the Cat at Sato
Newcomers were adding their dolls for group pictures in the space.

Shiro, Cecile, Isao, Tony and the Cat at Sato

Free lot across street from Tenshi-no-Sato
Some prime land just across Tenshi no Sato. Would probably be great to have some sort of a hotel + coffee shop there for people that would like to drink something while waiting in line, and also those who want to have easy access here early in the morning without hassle of train rides.

Hime-chan and double Yo-Midi Reisner
We also met our old acquaintance Hime-chan.

Triple Yo-Midi Reisner
After awhile a third mini-Reisner appeared. ;) It's surprising how all of them looked somewhat differently.

Afterwards we went to a famous unagi (eel) restaurant Unagiya Hirokawa that was somewhat nearby.

Small Garden of Unagiya Hirokawa Restaurant
As is typical for good restaurants on weekends, there was a long line, waiting time in excess of one hour, so I took this picture in their mini-garden while waiting.

Probably some sort of yakitori.


Unagi appetizer
Some sort of unagi appetizer.

Miso soup
Miso-soup. Ksusha really liked the bowl too.

Unagi on rice as the main dish. Very nice.

And the two types of girls that were available at the event as Coordinate Models (a special kind of One-off)

Coordinate Model MSD F-31
MSD F31.

Coordinate Model MSD Tsubaki in White Skin
MSD Tsubaki (White Skin)

Our Shiro and Reisner, picture from Volks
And this is Volks reporter version of our picture. Reported at After-report from Volks.

And then we rushed back to the train station and returned to Tokyo on almost last shinkansen, really-really late.