His white kitty~

Today I came with some old pictures as well. I know, I need to write more frequently, sorry >_< Those pictures are about one of my favorite couple, Lorina and Sai. I couldn't resist and bought Volks DD Kitty Ear White Bondage Set for Lorina, though it's a bit small for her but me wouldn't be me if I couldn't put it on her And somehow all photo shoots with those two end with some piquant moments even if there were no plans for them at all and I don't know why, so don't ask  

Warning: the pictures below would contain one piquant moment, like kiss, nothing terrible but still if you are not like something like this please don't look inside! Thank you.

My sweet white kitty~


Oh Sai  But yeah, I got it... she is yours!

When I start to take pictures of one of those two one of them is always nearby and of course it always continues with them together

My sweet couple! Nya~

chu~ kitty kiss?

But! The more it lasts the more passion appears... And I have no idea why!

His Kitty




Ahem... ok will leave them alone. And some omake:

Lace boots
I love these boots ♥ 

Thank you for looking!