Short business trip to Beijing and Tokyo at the end of February - beginning of March 2013

With some more travel coming out soon, I decided to catch up on some earlier travels.

This short post will cover my short trip to Beijing and Tokyo that I had early this year.

Fortune rom a cookie on the way to Beijing
On the way to Beijing I got this promising fortune from a cookie ;)

Terrible traffic jam in the sky
Then as we have been approaching the airport (only 24 miles left) the travel estimate adjusted to 44+ hours, that's quite a traffic jam, if you ask me ;)

Ukrainian vodka in Chinese 7-11
Noticed some Ukrainian vodka in Beijing 7-11 to my surprise.

Hotel room in Beijing

Hotel room in Beijing
And my hotel room in Beijing was spacious as usual. I wish Japanese hotels had at least this sized rooms (for a reasonable price).

workplace of an unknown Intel employee

As I was going by some Intel cube farm, I noticed this table with quite a bit of anime figures ;)

workplace of an unknown Intel employee

Long departure line at Beijing airport
Departing from Beijing we got into a heavy rain first that created a huge line of outbound flights.

K-On! on the JAL flight entertainment system
This JAL flight had K-ON! on its entertainemnt system ;)

View from DDN Japan office window
Tokyo view from DDN Japan office window.

Tokyo view from Tokyo university
Tokyo view from one of the Tokyo University buildings.

After Tokyo University we went to a different place:

Institute for cosmic ray research

Inside they had a Fujitsu FX 10 install dubbed Oakleaf-FX, "only" 1.13 Petaflops (Which would have been top #1 only several years ago, but now you need to boast tens of petaflops to reach the top).

Oakleaf FX
Water-cooled solution which a lot of the modern supercomputers seem to be moving away from.

Oakleaf FX

Oakleaf pamphlet

DDN 2.1Pb filesystem

And a Fujitsu-supplied 2.1 PB filesystem for the Oakleaf

2.1 Pb FS pamphlet

DDN 2.1Pb filesystem
There's also another shared filesystem made with DDN hardware.

Oakleaf client node motherboard
And a compute node board from FX10.

Special slippers for computer floor
Access to the computer floor is only in special slippers ;)

shoe rack and special computer floor slippers

Monkey hat
Cool monkey earmuffs I saw on a train.

In the evening we went for a dinner at a place that did not look like anything special, but had really great food (which is very typical for Japan, the best places are rarely flashy)

sea snails dish
Some sort of sea snails.

Eating a sea snail
These turned out to be pretty tasty.

small fish
some real small fish that I don't remember the name of.

Really great sashimi

boiling vegetarian soup
And a vegetarian soup, that I was told was very good too.

View from my hotel window
View from my hotel room the next morning.

And just a random shot on a bridge near a subway station.

I spend most of this last day runing around Akihabara looking for socks and some other stuff, and then nearly missed my outgoing flight