Yukinojo Sawagari from Tokyo

I have decided to post some old pictures little by little and finally today introduce to you Yukinojo Sawagari from Volks "Tokyo Boys Story". I already mentioned him before in the post about Hot Tokyo boys But, today you will see him entirely and will learn his further story! So, are you ready? Then let's go!

Yukinojo's shoes
His gorgeous shoes~

Yukinojo Sawagari
And here is Yukinojo!
The story is about his sad fate, he knows firsthand what the hell is, about a boy who must be stronger then anyone else to survive in this life. That's why Yukinojo spent all his time in fight. But he has a kind heart so everywhere he goes, he finds new friends, Los-Angeles, Tokyo and Yokohama. And six years later he returned to Tokyo, to us, as a much stronger and full-grown man!  

And this strong man was liked by my Lorina, and it seemed looked that he liked her too. Lorina started to look different, I never saw her like this before! It definitely must be love!

Yuki and Lorina



Yuki and Lorina

But I was not 100% satisfied with his look, plus his face-up got damaged. I thought that it's probably fate, and I commissioned a very talented face-up artist to make a different face-up for Yukinojo!  

At the evening before his departure Lorina was looking very sad, my poor girl.

Sad Lorina

But don't worry, he has returned! And he came sooo beautiful that even I fell in love with him! 

Please greet Yukinojo's new look! BTW I gave him a new name, now his name is Sai!

New look~Б≥╔

And side by side with his old look for comparison:
Old look

That's it for now! Lorina was very happy for his return too, and they are still in love with each other, so you will see more of this sweet couple soon!