Who wants to get Tsar's piece of meat!?

I decided to share one of my old recipes. It is very popular in our family and it is being made often. Long time ago I created this recipe based on my taste and that my husband will eat ;) For example, if he would see large pieces of stewed or cooked onion he will pick it out ;) There are many variations of this dish in the ex-USSR countries. With names such as Tsar's Meat and Meat Under "Fur-Coat" and similar. Since the result is most similar to the Tsar's Meat we decided to call it variations!
That why today in the menu we have:

Variations of the Tsar's Meat

6 large sirloin pork chops
Salt, Pepper, Khmeli Suneli (Can be found in Russian grocery stores in your country)
450 grams (1 pound) of fresh mushrooms
1 medium-sized onion
Mayonnaise Provansal 67% (Can be found in Russian grocery stores in your country)
2 cups of finely shredded cheese (Usually I use Cheddar + Asadero + Queso Quesadilla + Monterey Jack Cheeses)

1. Beat the chops then rub in salt, pepper and Khmeli Suneli. Leave for at least an hour (I usually prepare them in the evening and cook on the next day, this allows the meat to better adsorb the flavor of herbs).
2. Cut mushrooms into slices. Grease the fry pan with olive oil put the mushrooms and put the pan on the heat. Finely chop onion while water evaporates then add the onion to the mushrooms. Then fry. Add different herbs to taste (for example Salt, Chili Pepper, Basil, Khmeli Suneli).
3. Cut tomatoes into round pieces about 5-6mm thick.
4. Preheat an oven to 180ºF (350ºF). Grease the baking pan with olive oil. Lay the chops on the pan then fried mushrooms with onion on top, then round tomato pieces, fill it all with mayonnaise and put cheese on top. Then send it in the oven for about 30 minutes or until cheese on top is brown.

In our home this dish is traditionally served with fried noodles and sweet fresh onions! I usually pour remaining sauce from the pan onto the side dish. Very delicious!!! :p

Bon Appetite!