Trip to Salt Lake City, Supercomputing 2012

After a big delay, finally I got around to publishing our report about visiting Salt Lake City in November 2012.

The winter certainly could be felt there unlike previous year in Seattle, for example.

window view
Window view on day 1.

We were staying in a nice historical hotel downtown: Peery hotel.

Room in Peery hotel
Our room.

Room in Peery hotel
Another angle.

Having arrived at about 3pm, it was time to get some food, esp. since it was almost dinner time by our local clock, so we headed to a nearby Italian restaurant.

Chicken in marsala sauce
Chicken with Marsala sauce and mushrooms.

And lasagna (very nice tasting).

Registration time.

Exhibition center
Exhibition center from outside.

No lines on the first day.

Exhibition center fixtures
Interesting fixtures. No, this is not a ceiling fan.

The show floor was still being setup, so I took a sneak peek.


Eric at Intel/Whamcloud booth
This will become our booth later, but for now assembly just barely started.

Fusion IO bus

FusionIO bus, very cool.

A snowman outside of the center.

Salt Lake City street
Salt Lake City street.

Alcohol-free wine
In a grocery store we found this "alcohol-removed" wines, wow, I did not even know such a thing existed.

Snowing in Salt Lake City

Snowing in Salt Lake City
A snowfall started in the evening as we were going to find some dinner.

We settled on some Japanese sushi bar that was nearby, to avoid walking too much in the cold snowy weather.

Interesting that the bar employee checked our ID at the entrance, to make sure we are of a legal drinking age, never had this happening before.

These are supposedly gyoza, though I never tried ones like this before, deepfried on a bed of shredded cabbage.

Some rolls. Tasting ok.

In the morning we looked out of the window and it was all snowed out.

Heavy snow in the morning

Utah is also known as the Mormon capital of the world and a lot of places to visit revolve around this, so we decided to check their main church.

Mormon church model
There is no way to enter the church for the uninitiated, so here's a picture of the model in their visitor center.

The visitor center also had a lot of history exhibitions on how the church was built.

Mormon church
The main church building itself.

Mormon church
Another building on the church grounds.

Mormon church - stars on the wall
The Great Bear constellation on one of the walls of the church.

Mormon church

Another point of view of the church building.

Mormon church

Mormon church visitor center inside
Some sort of a lecture hall in the visitor center.

Mormon church visitor center inside


Mormon church visitor center inside

Mormon church visitor center inside

Mormon church
Finally we are done with the church and walk out of the grounds.

Mormon church

Salt Lake City streets

Fountain waterfall
Interesting waterfall that does not freeze.

Salt Lake City streets
Nearby mountains visible on some streets.

Pond in winter

Mormon church and pond

Maple leaves in snow

Office building of LDS church
Even outside of the church you can see Mormon-related (or rather, Latter Days Saints church) things everywhere. This is their headquarters.

Mormon church
Final glance at the main church.

Copper building in SLC
This copper-colored building caught our eye.

Icicles on the roof of some important mormon historical building.

Bush in a snow

Salt Lake City streets

Salt Lake City streets
More mountains shots.

Habanero olive oil

Jalapeno olive oil
Very interesting flavored olive oil in a shop.

Metal lawn

And our dinner in some american restaurant.

shrimp starter
Shrimp starter

and some pork.

SLC Public Library
Salt Lake City public library.

Time to return to the exhibition center.

Whamcloud/Intel booth at SC13
Our booth is not fully setup.

Part of the Intel bigger booth was a very cool Enterprise bridge replica (from Star Trek universe).

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion
Though strangely enough the display was running some sort of Windows ;)

The bridge was hugely popular during the normal exhibition hours, but since we are part of Intel now, we had some access to it before general public. ;)

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

BPS at Enterprise bridge
BPS also enjoyed it.

BPS at Enterprise bridge

P. Checkhov post

H. Sulu post

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Enterprise bridge at Intel Pavilion

Then we took a walkaround to see what's interesting is there on the floor.

64G DIMM module, wow, super high too. I wonder if it will work in any of my motherboards.

BPS and 64G dimm

32G dimm

BPS and 768G RAM system
That's a pretty stocked up system there too. ;)

Fusion IO show
FusionIO guys (the guys with the cool bus) were holding shows all the times which became somewhat annoying after a while since they were located just in front of us.

Another thing we are usually looking forward to in SuperComputing shows is Frauenhoffer booth where they usually invite a very nice barista who makes great hot chocolate (and also various coffees too). Unlike other places like King Abdulla's Univercity, they don't cheap out and their drinks are always top notch.

Frauenhoffer barista
Here's the guy.

Hot Chocolate at Frauenhoffer booth

Hot Chocolate at Frauenhoffer booth

Frauenhoffer cookies
They also have some cookies.

In the evening FusionIO threw in a cool outdoor party, they even closed a nearby street to have some stunts performed.

Moto stunts at FusionIO party

Moto stunts at FusionIO party

Moto stunts at FusionIO party

Hookah at FusionIO party
Aside from food, there was a big selection of drinks and hookah at the party.

Hookah at FusionIO party

Moving on to the next day at the exhibition.

BPS at RedHat booth

BPS at RedHat booth
This year RedHat had a much bigger booth.

BPS at NSA booth

BPS at NSA booth
I was also surprised to find an NSA booth. They did not really show anything and told me they were only interested in hiring people.

BPS at Microsoft Research booth
Microsoft booth this year was super boring.

BPD and stack of switches

BPS at IBM booth

BPS at DDN booth

BPS at Fujitsu booth
Fujitsu booth with a cool K-computer cabinet.

BPS at Fujitsu booth
Of course we could not miss Riken booth (the actual K-computer home) ;)

Guy with cool glasses at Apollo booth
A guy with very cool glasses delivering some sort of a presentation, no way we could not take a picture of him. ;)

Time for a lunch:

Quesadilla in some Mexican restaurant.

Professional photographer at a restaurant
Now this guy there certainly beats us with his approach of taking food pictures in restaurants ;)

And at the end of the day, a Lustre BOF.

Lustre BOF

Lustre BOF

Mountain vew from SLC airport
Final glance at the mountains before we get onto our plane to fly home.