Dreams Come True - Please welcome the new guest!

For some reason, I had an urge to make a photo story, I don't know why And since this is my first photo-story please be easy on me, I also would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions

So, it was a regular evening for entire family. Everyone in the house was occupied with something, for example Hina-chan and Rabbitto-kun were watching a cartoon
Hina Ichigo & White Rabbit

Suddenly Hina-chan felt something
Hina Ichigo looks

"Hm? What is this feeling?…
What is there?
so familiar…." she thought

And then it dawned on her! She jumped up and exclaimed happily
Shirase, Hina Ichigo & White Rabbit
Hina-chan: - She is here!
Akira-kun & Rabbitto-kun: - Ah?

Akira-kun: - Mmm…Hina-chan? The door is the other way….
Shirase, Hina Ichigo & White Rabbit
Hina-chan: - I know, but she doesn't use doors…

She came to the window, opened blinds and looked outside
Hina Ichigo

And there… On the balcony hand rail…
….she were sitting!

Suigintou herself!

Suigintou & Hina Ichiho
Suigintou: - Yo! Osoi Hina Ichigo.
Hina-chan: - One-sama!!! (*older sister)

Suigintou and Hina Ichigo
Hina-chan: - I'm so glad to see you! Hurry up, I will introduce you to everybody! I'm sure they all will be very surprised, because we were expecting you only tomorrow. And I'll show you around here, from now on you will be living here with us!
*Glowing with happiness Hina-chan walked and hummed to a happy tune*


Reisner: - Looks like another beauty came to us.

Peisner: - What do you think Akira-kun?

Akira Shirase
Akira-kun: - Seems so.


Shirase and Reisner

White Rabbit and The Hatter


White Rabbit and The Hatter

Suigintou: - Hey, Hina Ichigo where are you leading me to?
Hina-chan: - To the dining room!  In evenings everybody could be seen there together. Besides it's almost dinner time, so probably they are all there already!
Suigintou: - I see…. ^^;

P.S. Me from outside of the frame: - she came, she came!!!!!
green ->  <- Ksusha

That's how another family member joined us!



Wow, you're so lucky to get a Suigintou! I just stumbled onto your blog and love this photo story, how do you make your dolls pose so well? I have a White Rabbit too and am expecting Hina Ichigo on Monday! I hope my little couple will get along as well as yours!

Thank you, I'm glad that you love it! And congratulation for your Hina Ichigo, she is a sweet little girl and I'm sure your little couple would be big friends!   About that I was lucky to get the Suigintou, well... maybe! ;) But I was dreaming about her for almost 4 or even 5 years...  And all of my dolls are pretty obedient, so I don't have problems with their posebility, but I don't think it was hard getting poses in this photo story, though. Of course Suigintou can't stand on one leg, there was a stand that helped her and then photoshop was very helpful too ;)    


:love: :love: AAAAHHHH! So Suigintou has joined your ranks? That's Awesome! :bigsmile: I'm also thrilled at the fact that she seems pretty happy to see Hina as well (at least, she acts a lot nicer to Hina than her anime counterpart anyway....^^; ). Anyways, Congrats, here's to hoping that she's enjoying her stay in your household. 8)

Thank you! Oh, how long it was since she joined my crew! Now she is having two men, one big and one small, who stick to her. Plus she is in a very good relations with my Lori, so I think she is happy since then ^^ And yup, in my house she is good big sis for Hina-chan as well ;) ^^;