Please welcome Lorina!

It seems that I didn't write in this section for quite a while even though we have those who want to show off!

On the next day, after we returned from Autumn Japan, in accordance with our agreement with VolksUSA we were waiting for a new guest. She was ready to come earlier, but we headed to Seattle and then to Japan so it was a total mess.
But she came, so please greet the one who helped me to fight jetlag.

Lorina - back

Her name is Lorina and she is one of the characters from Lewis Carroll book "Alice through the looking glass".

For those who do not know Lorina was an older sister of Alice (the main character of both books). Just like in real life Lorina Liddell was Alice Liddell older sister.

Lorina from Volks does not look like the real Lorina Liddell, like the original Alice from the book's pictures does not look like the real Alice Liddell.

Lorina was released at Hometown Dolpa Kobe that was held July 31, 2011 in Kobe. Of course it is a limited edition, so I was very happy when I won the lottery for a right to purchase this marvel from the Volks USA! 

Lorina is totally new, starting from that she has a completely new SD Graffiti body (SDGr Girl) that was released in 2011 at first time and ending with that her head is a new mold which also appeared only in 2011. The only similarity this new mold has with a small version of Alice and Lorina molds that were previously released only as Yo-SD. And now the girls have grown up.

Profile. It looks to me that she is related by "blood" with Williams mold and a little bit with Reisner mold from Volks. Those lips, that nose ...

Lorima, The Hatter and Queen of Hearts
Oh, here he is, in the background, don't they look a little bit similar? What do you think? ;)

Lorina and Queen of Hearts
And here's Lorina (SDGrG) with the Queen of Hearts (SD16). Speaking of the new body, I'm ecstatic about it!

SDGrG has very beautiful and delicate hands. (hands of SD16G and SDGrG in the picture below)
SD16&SDGr hands

SD16&SDGr hands

SD16&SDGr hands
But SD16 has a very beautiful body itself, beautiful shape.
In comparison SDGr is smaller and younger than SD16, also lower (you can see the difference in height in a photo above), but much more poseable. The only common thing between SDGrG and SD16G are high heel foot for shoes with high heels. So they can easily share high heels shoes.But the clothes from SD16G would be too big for SDGrG.

Speaking of shoes, I'm in love with Lorina's shoes.
Lorina shoes
I even would like to buy shoes like this for myself.

Lorina shoes
When will Volks start making shoes for owners too?

What else does SD Graffiti Girl have in common with other previously released female bodies from Volks?

Lorina and mysterious person
I think that SDGrG is a more advanced version of SD13G, more refined, more mature. But they have the same size of clothes, flat platform shoes and medium high heels shoes. By the way in the FCS SD13G has feet for medium high heels and I think it will suit SDGrG as well. However as I already mentioned SDGrG was able to wear shoes with high-heel just like SD16G. SD13G doesn't have such an option and never had it.

And in the end pictures of SDGrG and SD13G hands together.
SD13&SDGr hands

SD13&SDGr hands