Days 3-6 in Tokyo.

The plans for next day were pretty scarce, so we woke up pretty late again.

About this time I started to realize that winter in Tokyo is pretty boring. Bad weather combined with little to see.

So we decided to go to Nakano Broadway, a place where supposedly a lot of anime shops located.

Buta shogoyaki
But first, breakfast (this is Buta Shogoyaki)

Nakano Broadway turned out to be a large mall with tons of shops with a lot of used goods.

pile of motherboards

pile or DDR memory
Piles of motherboards, DDR memory and other stuff in one of the shops.

pile of shoes
Piles of shoes as well.

The anime shops mostly were of the used kind and did not really impress us, so no pictures.

For the dinner we decided to go to Indotei, an Indian restaurant that is owned by the owner of MaxFactory.

Indian curry.

Naan bread
Naan bread.

Vegetable salad.

Indotei napkin

Inside Indotei

Inside Indotei
Inside of the restaurant.

Inside Indotei
"Hello from the kitchen" ;)

Indotei entrance
And this is the entrance. Overall the food was pretty good.

Next day since there was nothing to do, we went to Akihabara again. Wandering around and did not see anything interesting. And then we stumbled upon Good Smile Cafe banner.

Ksusha nagged me about visiting a Good Smile Cafe for some time, and the only one she found before was pretty far away, so we decided to check this one.

BTW there was also Kaiyodo W.F. Cafe in that building.

Good Smile Cafe
View inside Good Smile Cafe.

Charlotte witch
Charlotte witch inside.

GSC menu

GSC menu
This is the menu.

It took us some time to figure out what we wanted, and then it took a really long time to actually bring the food which was pretty surprising, as usually food is served pretty fast in Japan.

Charlotte consuming people

Charlotte consuming people

Charlotte consuming people
Meanwhile Charlotte was really popular ;)

Finally we've got our curry.

Cat curry
Cat carry.

Kyubey curry
Mini Kyubey curry.

Don't know if it was due to a long preparation or what, but the dishes were already cold and did not taste all that great unfortunately. :(

Charlotte witch

And dessert time.



Good Smile Cafe
Another look at the inside.

Left wall of the cafe is lined with merchandise and anime figures.

Tosaka Rin

Illyasviel von Einzbern

The other wall is also lined with merchandise, but also some robots and a Good Smile racing car.

Kyubey and Madoka

Three A

Three A

Three A

Three A

Overall we have spent quite a bit of time there, and in the end the cashier even forgot to give me my credit card back and I only noticed it later in the evening when we got back to the hotel, sigh.

Group photo near Akihabara

Akihabara JR station
JR Akihabara station.

Also around we saw this soba restaurant display ;)

Superthin house
This is a really thin building you can see here (behind the tree), to the right of the DVD store.

Fruit dessert with Alice
And the dinner we have spent with our friends in Alice in wonderland restaurant. It was awfully dark there, so we only have a picture of this fruit dish from there.

So on to the next day.

View from hotel
This is a view from our hotel on a sunny day.

We decided to go to Harajuku, but it also turned out to be a disappointment of sorts. Have not seen any of the Harajuku people somehow, or might be because we got there too late.

Disney Mobile

Disney Mobile

Disney Mobile
This Disney mobile place certainly was novel.

Bags on display

Bags on display
Bag vendor on the street with bags of some pretty strange forms including boos and hand grenades.

Shop of pink in Harajuku
A pink shop with a plane inside.


Shop of pink in Harajuku
They also had this jewelry bed there.

Diverting from a busy street we have heard a strange music and decided to see what was that. Turned out it was a traditional Japanese wedding.

Then we walked a bit further and walked into Omotesando Hills mall that had some joint Christmas exhibit with Disney.

Disney Christmas tree in Omotesando hills mall

Disney Christmas tree in Omotesando hills mall
This big "Christmas Tree" made of crystals and lined with Disney characters at the base.

Mickey Mouse decorations in Omotesando hills mall

Mickey Mouse decorations in Omotesando hills mall
Around the floor were also a lot of Mickey-mouse crystal shapes.

Rabbit doll
Saw this rabbit in one of the store displays ;)

Overall a somewhat boring visit and also it was very hard to find anything to eat, all places were crowded and smoking, sigh.

Next day we decided to go to Shinjuku area and walk around there.

Unusual bags

Unusual bags
Pretty strange bags in that shop.

Unusual hats

Unusual hats
Also some interesting hats ;)

Tea and a cake

We stopped by some pretty expensive cake shop because we really wanted something sweet to eat. Strange how the cakes in Japan as not as sweet as they are in Europe or USA.

Cakes for sale in that shop which turned out to be a pretty expensive eatable gifts shop.

An outside shot for a change ;)

After the sunset we found a yakiniku restaurant that was non smoking.

Beef stew

Beef stew
Ksusha had this beef stew.

And I had this yakiniku. Major difference was in that the yakiniku was served already prepared, so we did not need to make it ourselves.

Shinjuku street
Street view from the restaurant window.

Inside of the restaurant
And an inside of the restaurant shot.

This concluded the day.

The lack of pictures just means we did not see anything really interesting on those days, unfortunately.



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