Paris, day3. Versailles, part 2

So, continuing our Versailles excursion.

Right after the Hercules salon we got into King's Grand apartments. These are the official apartments and are made to resemble Italian palaces. During the day it was open to all, foreigners and French people who came to see the king.

Abundance salon
Abundance salon.

Abundance salon
Behind this door was cabinet of curiosities of Louis XIV that he shown to his guests to impress them. This salon was used as a buffet during evening soirees.

Venus Salon
Venus salon. This and later rooms got their names from planets and also roman gods. All of them are decorated around a single theme that hinted at King's god-given right to be king.

Louis XIV statue in Venus Salon
Statue of Louis XIV in Venus salon.

Diana Salon
Diana salon. Vestibule to the Grand Apartment. On evening soirees it was often used to play billiard.

Louis XIV
Louis XIV bust in Diana salon.


Mars Salon
Mars salon. Originally imagined as a guard room, it was often used as a ballroom.

Mercury salon was closed under renovation, all we saw was a window to the garden ;)

Apollo salon
Apollo salon dedicated to the Sun God. God of arts and peace. Louis XIV identified himself as such, so this salon is the most luxurious of them all. This can be seen in ceiling paintings, but all the rest have disappeared including silver furniture (also 2.6m high throne that was melted down in 1689).

War salon
War salon. It depicts military victories that led to long peace of Nijmegen. At the top panel figures symbolize defeated enemies: Germany, Spain and Holland.

Louis XIV

War salon
War salon from another corner.

From there we entered absolutely huge Hall of mirrors.

Hall of Mirrors
This Grand gallery was a waiting and meeting place used by courtiers and visiting public. It's 73 meters long. In there we see 357 mirrors on the wall opposite to the windows are located in 17 arches.

Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors


Candle stand in Hall of Mirrors

Candle stand in Hall of Mirrors
Nice candle stands.

The Bull's eye salon
In the middle of the Mirror Hall behind a secret door there is King's chamber. This is the bull's eye salon named after an oval opening there. Courtiers were waiting to be admitted into royal bedchamber.

Louis XIV
Louis XIV bust in king's bedroom.

King's chamber
King's chamber with a bed. Louis XIV moved his bedchamber to this room to face the rising sun. He also died here after his reign for 75 years.

Council Study
Council Study room adjacent to the bedroom, here Louis XIV held ministerial councils for financial and state matters.

Bed chamber of Louis XV
Louis XV moved his bedroom here, so it was much smaller so it was easier to heat. From this point on King's interior apartments start, but the entry was closed.

Peace Salon
On the other side of the Mirror Hall, The Peace Salon is located, symmetrical to the War Salon it shown peace benefits France gave to the Europe. Originally it was considered to be part of Queen's apartment.

Peace Salon
Rich decoration on the walls of the Peace Salon, which also was used as a music room.

The QueenБ─≥s chamber
Queen's chamber. Queen spent most of her time here, including sleeping. Queens even gave birth here in public. 19 "Children of France" were born here.

Queen's bed
Queen's bed. The little door was used by Marie-Antoinette when rioters invaded the palace.

The Nobles salon
The Nobles Salon.

The antechamber of the Grand Couvert
Public royal meals were held here. Only royal family had seats at the table. Then at the stools were seated duchesses, princesses or high-ranking persons. Behind them everybody else were standing. Louis XIV performed this almost every evening and this was a big theatre. Louis XV preferred private suppers most of the time.

Royal table
Royal silverware.

Guard Room
Queen Guard room.

Salle du sacre
Salle du sacre used as a main guard room.

Salle de 1792

Salle de 1792
Room of heroes of 1792, created after French revolution and depicting the heroes.

About this time an announcements started that the palace is closing soon and everybody should exit.

Princes stairs
Princes staircase.

Gallery of Busts
Bust gallery.

Restaurant in the palace
Walking straight we got into this Cafe on the palace grounds.

Carpet of the Daphnie bedrom in Versailles
Walked into exposition of random stuff and found this carpet from Dauphon's bedroom.

The carpet up close
Quite a piece of work.

Ambassador staircase
Queen's staircase.

Then a section of Dauphin and Dauphine Apartments.

The dauphineБ─≥s drawing room
From here on the was section decorated with modern furniture by an agency that decorates official offices. The description said this how would interior of the palace would look like if the French president lived there. Some choices were really strange.

The dauphineБ─≥s drawing room
This is dauphine's drawing room.

The dauphineБ─≥s bedchamber
Dauphine's bedroom. Here Marie-Josèphe de Saxe, wife of Louis XV's son gave birth to three kings of France - Louis XVI, Louis XVIII and Charles X. Nothing of the original decor survies aside from a draving over the door.


The dauphinБ─≥s bedchamber
Dauphin's bedroom. Also with some modern stuff.

Gallery Bassy

Gallery Bassy
Gallery Bassy.

Then Mesdames' apartments

Library of Madame Victoire
Library of Madame Victoire

Madame AdelaideБ─≥s Large Chamber
Madame Adelaide’s Large Chamber. The organ probably belonged to the princess.

Hoquetons Salon
Hoquetons Salon - another guard room of sorts.


draped woman statue
Two statues in the salon. The women one is a hybrid of ancient greek body and more modern hands and head made in by roman master in XVII century.

Stairs of Louis Philippe
Stairs of Louis Philippe.

Finally we are getting out of the palace, only later we realized that we have probably seen only about a quarter of the rooms.

Palace from ooutside
Palace from outside.

Square in front of the golden gate in the evening
The square in front of the gates in the evening.

Golden gate in sunset
Golden gate is even more bright in setting sun rays.

Garden-side of the palace
This is the palace exterior from garden side.

Decorations on palace walls
Walls are richly decorated.

Our shadows on the square
Our shadows as we head away from the palace.

Some statue at the edge of the square
Statues surrounding the square.

Going to a train station

Rue du Marechal Foch
On the way to a train station in Versailles.

Coin-operated vendor machine
We noticed this interesting way to submit coins into vending machines. Put a coint into a slot and then shift the lever up.

Subway tires
We also noticed that some subway lines had wheels with real tires whih greatly decreased noise levels.

And then, dinner time, we found a traditional French restaurant near our hotel.

Ksusha had chicken.

And I had beef ;)

We also had this somewhat interesting wine (not very sweet, but tolerable).

This concludes the day 3.