Paris, day 2, part 2

Ok, so day 2 continued.

Some square
We walked out of subway at Place de la Concorde to see Tuileries Garden and Louvre.

But first of all we felt somewhat hungry, so found some cafe for a lunch.

Road alongside Tuileries garden and a palace visible in the background.


For lunch Ksusha had this salad

And I got this sliced beef. I expected it to be a hot dish, but it apparently was not.

BTW a horrible observation, all outdoor seating places in restaurants are for smoking people!

Place de la concorde
Having refilled our energy we went across place de la concorde to the Tuileries garden gate.

Entrance to Tuileries Garden
Here's the gate. The garden first was built by Catherine de Medicis in 1564 as a palace garden. It became a public park after French Revolution.

Tuileries Garden
The garden has a few ponds. This is round pond, people sit around a watch it for some reason. Or they are just resting I guess.

Sculptures in Tuileries Garden
Also the garden contains a lot of important statues. La Seine at la Marne by Nicolas Coustou.

Sculptures in Tuileries Garden
Le Tibre by Pierre Bourdict (1690)

Sculptures in Tuileries Garden
Ceres ou L'Ete by Coustou Guillaume (1677-1746)

Sculptures in Tuileries Garden
L'Hiver by Jean Raon and Jean-Melchior Raon

Sculptures in Tuileries Garden

Sculptures in Tuileries Garden
Theseus and the Minotaur
(1821) by Jules Ramey, in the Grand Carré

flowers in Tuileries Garden
Also a corner with flowers. This one was relatively bad maintained, but there also seem to be Orangerie that is in much better satte and under glass roof, though we did not go there.

Louvre from Tuileries Garden
Starting to approach the palace.

Tuileries Garden



Arc de triomphe du Carrousel

Arc de triomphe du Carrousel
Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel

Louvre and Place du Carrousel

Old care near Louvre

Tour bus near Louvre
Disneyland in Paris has a lot of advertisement around, on tour buses, in booklets, posters and so on.


Louvre and the glass Pyramid underground entrance.

Palace Royale

Pickpockets sign
We were pretty surprised by a lot of signs like this at all tourist places. One would think if they know about the problem they would actually deal with it.

As it turned out in Louvre itself is only open until about 5:30pm and we were there at around 5:05pm, so it did not make any sense to buy the tickets, so we just looked a bit in the shopping mall underground and headed out.

Louvre du carousel
Up-side down glass pyramid underground in Louvre.

Some art
Some art on walls underground.

Some statue

my shoe with dust on it
The garden is a pretty dusty place as it's unpaved. So pretty fast my shoes looked like this.

Palace view from Tuileries Garden
Sun is low and the garden is now dark.

Lion Arc
Lion gate.

Our next step of the plan was to walk back to the Place de la Concorde, but along the Sienna river, we did not want any more dust.

Excellent spot for an advertisement banner
Excellent place for an advertisement banner, don't you think?

Pont Royal
Pont Royal.

And a panorama of the place.

Pont du Concorde
Pont du Concorde.


Locks on a bridge

Locks on a bridge
A bridge is all littered in locked locks. Some sort of stupid love tradition I guess.

Long boar on Sienna
Some of observation ships are pretty big.

Cars on a road

Place de la Concorde
And finally we are back at Place de la Concorde.

Marseille statue at Place de la Concorde
Around the square there are eight statues symbolizing French cities. This one is of Marseille.

Place de la Concorde

Place de la Concorde
Fountain in the middle of the square.

From there we headed to the Arc of Triumph hich was already somewhat visible, but still far away.

Champs-elysees street, apparently one of the main Paris streets.

Interesting balcony
Interesting building, and somewhat out of place too.

Paris streets

Paris streets
Some Paris streets around that we crossed on the way.

Toyota dealership in Paris
Toyota dealership. A tiny car and then a self-propelled chair! Is this where they want to move ultimately?
Though I guess if they really can make a car that parks on a wall like that, that would be quite a savior in France.

Line to Louis Vuitton shop
Huge line to Louis Vuitton store. Is there a big sale? ;)

Arc de Triomphe
Getting closer and closer, but already feeling quite tired which is not surprisin ggiven that the walk is a mile and a quarter.

French police
Finally we have arrived. These traffic cops stay there just in case I guess.

Arc de Triomphe
And the Arc de Triomphe itself.

We spent some time walking around trying to figure out how to get there, but could not find the underground passage.

It was getting late already, sun going down, and so we got into subway heading to the Eiffel tower.

Eiffel Tower
Here it is!

Eiffel Tower
It looks pretty huge from close.

Eiffel Tower
Under the tower.

We are under the center of Eiffel Tower
And here we are standing under the tower center.

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower at sunset

Eiffel Tower at sunset
Seems we got in time, it gets darker and darker.

Eiffel Tower after sunset

Eiffer Tower at night

Eiffer Tower at night

Eiffer Tower at night
And a bunch more pictures of the tower as it gets progressively darker.

After it became completely dark we headed away from there and started to look for some restaurant which we quickly found.

Breaded veal and spaghetti
Breaded veal that Ksusha had that day. I had some boring beef steak.

This concludes our day two in Paris.