Paris, day 1

So a few weeks ago my company asked me if I was interested to go to a European conference held in Paris. Of course I was!

So then came a bit of a nightmare to get our EU/Schengen visas in order which we have received just a day before our departure.

Anyway the day came and we were all set to depart in the evening of Sep 22.

Sunset in Knoxville Airport
Sunset before our departure.

Our flight out of Knoxville was delayed by an hour and then flight to Paris from Atlanta by two hours, departing at 1am, so we got somewhat hungry and decided to eat something while in the airport.

I got this steak with mashed potatoes.

And Ksusha got this chicken.

We have arrived to Paris in the afternoon of Sept 23rd and then not knowing any better spent over an hour in taxi going to our hotel. Paid pretty dearly for it too.

After settling in the hotel we went to a place where we though was a nice restaurant with a nice view of the Eiffel Tower.

Paris subway
Subway train on line #14.

Paris subway, train arriving
Train arriving to the line #4.

Inside of Paris subway car
Train on the line #4 inside.

Montparnasse sky scrapper
Finally we have arrived to this Montparnasse building that has a nice restaurant at some pretty high floor.

Montparnasse sky scrapper
Unfortunately the restaurant has closed for renovations just a few days prior... So we were forced to wander around looking for some other place to eat.

Pizza Odessa in Paris

Cafe and hotel Odessa
Everything was full.

Finally we found some creperie that seemed to have some free seats.

apple cider, popular drink in Paris
Decided to try this alcoholic cider for a drink that seemed to be quite popular with locals. But we were not impressed with it at all.

Cider in a cup
You are supposed to drink it from cups like this I guess, though people on the streets were drinking it out of bottles just like beer (initially I thought everybody was drinking champagne).

meat galete
These crepes are somehow called galettes. This one is stuffed with ground meat. Tasted pretty good.

salmon galete
This one is stuffed with salmon.

Creperie interior
Inside of the creperie.

Trashbags on Paris streets
On the way back to Montparnasse tower - piles of garbage on the streets, sigh.

Tickets to montparnasse floors 56 and 59
In the Montparnasse tower there are two observational floors, 56th and 59th from which you can see the Paris.

Paris at night from Montparnasse
At the top there seemed to be a lot of Russians. Even one of the photographers was Russian.

56th floor is covered with glass.

Paris at night from Montparnasse

Paris at night from Montparnasse

Paris at night from Montparnasse - Eiffel Tower

Paris at night from Montparnasse - Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower seems to have some huge rotating beams of light coming from the top.

Paris at night from Montparnasse
The 59th floor is also covered with glass, but there are some holes in it big enough to stick a camera lens out, so pictures became a bit better.

Paris at night from Montparnasse

Paris at night from Montparnasse - Eiffel Tower

Paris at night from Montparnasse - Eiffel Tower

Video screen in evelator
The elevator in the building has this video showing how the current position would look from outside. Climbs or descends 196 meters in 38 seconds.

Rental bicycle stand?

Rental bicycle stand?
I guess this is rental bicycle stand.

Paris at night near Lafayete
Near Lafayete building.

Paris subway station Montparnasse

High seats in Paris subway
Montparnasse subway at night, much less crowded. The seats are really high.

Also surprising was to see those "clear plastic bag trashcans" everywhere.

Musician in Paris subway
A crowds finally gathers and a street musician appears complete with a portable amplifier, a speakers, electric guitar and microphone. There were a lot of musicians and beggars in subway trains.

Subway train
Another shot in a train on the line #14, less crowded now.

This concluded the first day.