Sad day of September 4th

We were holding high hopes for this Labor day weekend that also coincides with the biggest US fireworks in Knoxville called BoomsDay.

Big plans to take a lot of pictures and video yet the weather was not cooperating, it started cloudy with a thunderstorm in the forecast, yet we hoped for the best and rushed to the location at 2pm to get at least somewhat decent spots.

Neylands Dr
Neylands Drive from the parking lot roof, not a lot of people yet. I am sure the bad weather contributed as well.

After getting to the place we decided to walk around as we had plenty of time left until the scheduled fireworks time of 9:30pm.

Army show
Right near the garage was an army pavilion.

throwing objects
Playing cornhole at the army pavilion. It should be said that this was a pretty popular game in the garage as well.

Army center

soap bubbles
Yay soap bubbles!

Speakers support
Interesting solution for hanging off speakers.

more soap bubbles

Railroad tracks
Former Henley street bridge. Fireworks used to be fired from it for the past 24 years. Now it undergoes renovations.


Corn dogs

Childrent in a cart
Interesting device to transport kids.


construction equipment
Henley street bridge construction.

Greek food vendor
Greek food vendor.

Tape on the tracks
Hm, I wonder what were they planning to stop with this tape? A train? ;)

Stage at a ship near a restaurant.

children in fountains
Children like to get wet in fountains ;)


Railroad bridge over Tennessy river
Railway bridge from which the fireworks are to be fired this time.

train cars with fireworks on a bridge
train cars full of fireworks ;)

car loading stairs
A train boading platform?

free cheesburger stand
Wendy's had a "Free cheeseburger" event.

Free icecream
Also free ice cream.

free cheesburger stand
Everything and cheese - that's our choice! ;)

free cheesburger
And here's the cheeseburger itself. Pretty bland in taste as it turned out.

Face painting
Face-painting services were pretty popular.

scary creature in backpack
A scary creature is sitting in that backpack ;)


At about this time a rain started. We were hoping that it would stop, but alas it did not and continued through entire night.

Rain at night

Rain at night
Rain at night.

Of course I forgot to cover the camera lens so all pictures of the fireworks turned out to be bad. The pictures below are from video footage.

First salvos.

Fireworks in smoke
The sky got clogged with smoke superfast, basically right away and most of the show was somewhere behind smoke and clouds. At least this picture looks like something a telescope might produce ;)

In reality it seems huge amount of money spent on those fireworks was just wasted.

fireworks in smoke
A huge smoke cloud.



Then closer to the end of performance it became a little bit better.

Only this kind of fireworks was any good.

Here is a video fragment of the event that we managed to take.

That concluded the sad and disappointing day of September 4th, 2011.