BPS at SuperComputing 2010

It's this time of the year again, and all supercomputer enthusiasts gathered for SuperComputing show that was held in New Orleans on Nov 13-18 to determine who has the longest fastest supercomputer in the world.

We decided to go too, and not alone, we decided to introduce our newest project, BPS (Akira Shirase) to the world and what better place to do it than at the SuperComputing show.

For those of you who do not know, BPS (Battle programmer Shirase) is a cool Japanese computer hero who singlehandedly defeated evil hacker "King of America" in the mighty struggle over supercomputer control.

Shirase at SC10
Shirase at the main floor.

Of course Shirase appearance at the conference was quite a head-turning event, after all figures of such a caliber rarely could be seen there.

Shirase and formula car, NextIO stand
NextIO booth with a replica of some formula car.

Infiniband Assotiation
Infiniband Alliance booth. Here Bill Boas introduced us to a virtualised server infrastructure and their transparent virtual ethernet to infiniband switch.

Shirase at JAMSTEC stand, EarthSimulator
Earth Simulator scale model at JAMSTECH.

Shirase at JAMSTEC

Shirase at SuperTalent stand, SSDs
SuperTalent booth with a lot of SSD drives.

Shirase at FusionIO display of 1.2GB/s stream
Passing by FusionIO 1.2 gigabytes/sec demonstration. Each small rectangle on display showing a (supposedly) big streaming video.

Shirase near DDN equipment
DDN racks on display. DDN is currently the king of storage in supercomputers. Costs quite a bit too.

Shirase at Kyoto University display
Demo of Visualization system at Kyoto University booth.

Shirase and Tatsuo Hosomi
There we also have met Tatsuo Hosomi. Mr. Hosomi is actually a proud SD owner as well, as it turned out.

Shirase and nano computers
On a plastic shelf behind the pile of blue wipes are contemporary nanocomputers.

Shirase at National accelerator laboatory booth
National Accelerator Laboratory from Standford University demonstrated some of their cool-looking hardware.

Shirase near University of Tokyo booth
At University of Tokyo Booth nobody was interested in talking to passers by. They even designed a printed standing man, to relieve themself of the greeting duty, so that nobody would need to actually do anything.

Then again as is typical for such shows, Japanese universities demonstrators speak pretty poor English and oftentimes don't even know details of their own systems they are presented. Probably the best English speaking person at a Japanese university booth we met was a Ukrainian national at Tokyo Technology Institute (TiTech). I wonder why don't they send any better people.

Shirase at IBM booth
As could be expected, a lot of the big guys were present too. IBM booth.

Shirase at Cirrascale booth
At the Cirrascale booth people were pretty excited about allowing BPS a hands-on experience with their hardware.

Shirase at Cray booth

Shirase at Cray booth
This cool BPS-sized formula car was located at the Cray booth.

Shirase at Whamcloud booth
WhamCloud booth. One of the several recently appeared Lustre vendors after Oracle upset the existing users. (For those of you who don't know, Lustre is currently the supercomputing filesystem running on most of top 10 supercomputers.)

Shirase at Intel booth
Of course Intel was also present.

Shirase at Microsoft booth
Struggling to enter supercomputer (HPC really) market is Microsoft. Last year they had a cool booth with a 4D flight simulator. This year somehow the best they had was xbox kinekt demonstration?!
Also this year Microsoft Windows OS almost made it to the top 10 supercomputers list. But they were delisted because Linux that run on the same supercomputer shown even better result.

Shirase near AMD booth
Of course it's not only Intel, but also AMD there. Cray uses AMD Opterons exclusively for their real big XT5 systems (like last year's top #1 Jaguar at ORNL).

Shirase and automatic slingshot sentry at Indiana university booth
Indiana university and their super-cool automatic 6 barrel slingshot-machinegun complete with computer based auto-aim (green thing at the top is the camera for the aiming system). The gun rotates when operating. The only downside so far is you need to reload the slingshots manually.

Shirase at National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration
Cool display of rotating earth from National Ocean&Atmospheric Administration booth. The round display looked like real rotating Earth in person, but camera did not capture it unfortunately.

Near NASA stand
NASA was also there. Though they don't do all that much with supercomputers surprisingly.

Shirase near tiny Oracle stand
Tiny Oracle booth that they installed at the last moment. Frankly nobody expected them to show up at all.

Shirase and a car at Missisipi State University booth

Shirase and a car at Missisipi State University booth
Mississippi State University came with a super-economic car, winner to recent eco-car challenge. Though I am not sure why is that relevant to supercomputers.

Shirase getting tea at Osaka University Cybermedia center booth
And finally for the showfloor we got some freshly made green tea at Osaka University Cybermedia Center booth. Last year these guys also were making tea at their booth.

After that we rushed to OpenSFS  foundation meeting, to discuss possible future of the Lustre filesystem.

Shirase and Brian Behlendorf
BPS and Brian Behlenorf from LLNL. He is well known for his efforts at porting ZFS to Linux.

Shirase And Galen
BPS and Galen Shipman, head of ORNL supercomputing division.

Mr. Shipman had also invited BPS to come and see their big Supercomputer named Jaguar in person. It takes a bit of time to gain access to their secure facility for foreign nationals, but we are looking forward to also provide you with a report on how that will go.

Shirase and Ihara-san
BPS and Ihara-san, Lustre specialist from DataDirectNetworks. In the background we can also see John Carrier from Cray, lead of HPCS IO initiative (he was too shy to talk to BPS himself).

Shirase and Andreas
BPS and Andreas Dilger from Oracle, the Lustre developer who is also known by his involvement in Linux kernel community and his involvement in development of ext3 filesystem.