How to find BJD shops in Beijing

UPDATE from Oct 2014: only Angell studio shop is left there, the other two permanently closed.

It was a busy time with a lot of travel lately, so no updates as a result. We are back home now and so the updates will resume and we'll also work on the backlog of pictures to post too.

Our last trip at the end of October happened to be in Beijing and while there we decided to look for some BJD shops.

The task turned out to be more complicated than anticipated. Various Google searches only returned a single relevant page on UK BJD forum that contained some vague instructions that later appeared out of date. Luckily it had some pictures and after some running around we finally confirmed that the shops have moved and so the hunt for new locations begin.

The shops in questions were for Angell-studio, Spirit Doll and Doll-Zone. I contacted Angell-studio and they provided me with an address of their dealer in Beijing: 北京市朝阳区朝外大街日坛国际贸易中心B座G层H089 or in plain English: H089, G/F, Tower B, Ritan International Trade Center

This is just a few blocks away from the old location in the Kuntai Royal hotel, about 5 blocks from Chaoyangmen subway station on the circle line (line number 2).

Here are the directions, starting with a map:

#1 is Ministry of Foreign Affairs, #2 is Kuntai royal hotel.

Or you can just print the Chinese characters above and show them to a taxi driver and he'll bring you right there (luckily taxi is pretty cheap in Beijing). The arrow points at the entrance, here are some more pictures:

From the start of an arrow it looks like this

The entrance itself is located in a mall catering to Russians, it seems, the sign says "The World of Clothing" in Russian.

As you enter, go past the escalator and go the the floor below.

As you exit the escalator this is what you will see on your left, walk into that left passage.

After that you will need to walk quite a bit until you reach a shop H089. The shop is on the right and there are some Angell-studio posters on the door.


The shop was somewhat messy and you need to step over dolls and boxes on the floor. They just moved in on July, though. The good news is they have a 3 year lease, so probably will stay there for a while before this info gets stale.

The salesperson is a nice girl that talks some English, her name is Jingyuan Yu (余静媛) and her phone is 13810480877.

The shop is open Tuesday to Sunday from 1pm to 8pm, though it seems the owner is pretty liberal with schedule and may skip some days and appear later on some others so it's good idea to call beforehand to make sure the shop is going to be open.

There is a doll makeup corner in this shop and they seem to have somebody who can do face-makeup for dolls, but the person was missing when we visited.

Just a few shops further away also on the right side there is a Spirit Dolls shop in H091:

When it's open there is a big banner in front, but when it is closed, you have no idea what's inside.

This shop also has big selection of stuff, but a lot of it seems to be not for sale. Also entire place reeks of tobacco and the owner is somewhat grumpy girl, she was very unfriendly when we visited, also she seems not to speak any English (or just did not want to?)

If you go even further away, on the left side there is a Doll-Zone shop H137. It seems to be much better organized then the other two, but I did not take any pictures since the owner appeared late and we needed to go to some other place. She speaks even better English than the girl in the first shop. She also seems to be even more liberal with her schedule (the base one is the same for all three shops) so you better call beforehand, her phone is 13810025710.

The Doll-Zone offers makeup service for 250-350 RMB (Chinese Yuan) that takes about 2 weeks. She also said she knows some doll tailors if you have any of your own clothes ideas.

Also all three shops carry merchandise from variety of places, not just the primary brand, but the selection is still limited at times. They have ability to order stuff they don't have right now too.

Prices appeared to be somewhat lower than on websites which was a nice surprise too.