Dollfie dolls

Along with anime figures we also now have Super Dollfie dolls.

Super Dollfie (SD) is a kind of ball-joint dolls made by Japanese company VOLKS. The word dollfie is made out of words doll and figure. Sometimes people call other BJD dolls as dollfie, but this is incorrect since Super Dollfie and Dollfie are trademarks of VOLKS.
There are several kinds of SDs and I hope we'll get to know more of them soon.

So we got our first SD doll on September 3, 2009. To be exact we got Yo-SD (from Japanese child (  )) which are dolls 10.5" (26.5 cm) in height and are only released in limited editions, so you can't buy them freely.
The name of our beauty is Hina Ichigo, she is a characher of Anime Rozen Maiden.

Hina-chan, introduction.
Hina-chan was released for Doll Party 18 that took place in Tokyo on Christmas 2007.

Hina-chan likes the cake.
She likes strawberry a lot and her name could be translated as "Little Strawberry" ^^

Then on June 19, 2010 we've got another Yo-SD. His name is White Rabbit (did you guess where is he from? Of course he is from "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carrol).

White Rabbit
We've got him at Doll Party 4 in New York that took place on June 19-20 2010 in New York.

White Rabbit
"Would you like to play some Croquet?"

Hina-chan and Rabbitto-kun get along very well.

Hina Ichigo and White Rabbit
Could it be because Hina-chan looks a little bit like Alice? ;)

In the tracks of the White Rabbit on Aug 23, 2010 we were visited by Her Majesty Queen of Hearts! :O She is from the same story of "Alice in Wonderland" by Lewis Carrol. She's SD16 - one of the bigger VOLKS doll types (24" high). Just like Yo-SD, SD16 are only available as limited editions.

Red Queen
We won a right to buy her in a drawing at "NY Dolpa 4". The drawing was held by FDQ magazine for its subscribers. The Queen was released only for this event in 25 items.

Red Queen
Like every other doll, the Queen has a name too, "The Queen of Hearts" is just a title. ;) In reality her name is Cristal.

Closely following the Queen came The Mad Hatter (also from "Alice in Wonderland"). Even though they departed at the same time from the same place, the Hatter was delayed on the way, or perhaps he just got distracted by something? ;) Anyway he only arrived on Aug 25th 2010.
He is SD13 - this kind of VOLKS dolls ranges from 22" to 24" depending on the gender. Their body anatomy is younger and less poseable than SD16.
Even though there are limited edition SD13, it's also possible to purchase just a stock doll with SD13 body in VOLKS shops.
So, The Mad Hatter, of course he also has a real name. His name is Williams.

The Hatter
We also won The Hatter from FDQ drawing at "NY Dolpa 4". VOLKS only released 25 Hatters just for that event.

Hina-chan and White Rabbit welcomed them and got along right away.
Red Queen, Hatter, Hina and Rabbit
Here's our resulting little family

On September 2nd, 2010 our small, but star family got a new member. The legendary BPS! BPS is also known as Battle Programmer Shirase - he is a very famous person in some pretty narrow computer circles. He's just the guy you need once you encounter some incredibly complicated and unsolvable computer-related problem. He is a legendary hacker in all senses of the word!
His real life name is Akira Shirase and at home we call him Akira-kun or Shirasik.

Akira Shirase or BPS
He is SD13 and we already explained what that means above. Akira-kun is one of a kind, though because VOLKS made him for us as a special order that we made while visiting Tenshi-no-Sato in Japan.

Akira-kun did not have a slightest problem with integration to the family, absolutely everybody warmly welcomed him. He found common grounds with kids too, and in particular he and Hina-chan became inseparable.

Akira-kun and Hina-chan
Exploiting uncle Akira as much as we can , but it looks like he does not mind. And most important is that they have fun together and they are united family.

The legendary pirate have arrived to our house at full steam on June 4th, 2011. Threat to everything and everybody, Reisner! Why did he arrived at full steam? Because we were waiting for him a few days later, but he did not make us wait for too long.
Handsome, smart, brave... but overall great and jolly man.

Reisner ~The Desire for Revenge~ is a character in VOLKS story "Oath of the Silver Coin". He was released specifically for the "Tokyo Bay Cruise" event that was held in Tokyo on Feb 11, 2011. ;)

He is SD17 which is the latest existing "boy" type VOLKS doll at this time and the most advanced too. This type is higher than SD16 by about 1/2" so the total character height is about 27". The build is much more masculine too and he is much more poseable. SD17 just like SD16 and Yo-SD are only made as limited edition dolls.