Sneak peek: Hot Tokyo boys~ (Warning: boys undress)

On the day before my husband's Birthday an important guest has arrived to our home. And he is from Tokyo! However he made a stop in LA at VolksUSA before coming to us  But I was so busy and just couldn't dedicate proper time to him on that day :( But as soon as all running was over I finally met him! Well, I will not tell you much about him in this post, not yet  But what I can say, that he is from 'Tokyo Boys Story' by Volks and he came from Dolls Party 27. He also has the newest body from Volks called SDGou! He was the first who Volks released with this body and the only one at this moment, but I want to believe that it's not the last one! Because this body, oh gosh, this body is just A-M-A-I-Z-I-N-G!!! It's perfectly holds poses and his poseability even batter than SD17! And these body lines... *flowed into a puddle*  You know what, let us show you....

Slowly... and...   well, you'll understand



Last day on Hawaii, Aulani Disney resort

On our last day we planned to go to the newly opened Disney resort Aulani.

We had a late evening flight and being afraid of being bored at the resort, we took the long road there, by running a counter-clockwise loop of entire Oahu island which took about 3 hours.

Hawaiian roads
In many places trees overhand the highway.


Visit to Hawaii in 2011, Turtle beach and Dole plantation

One of the weekend days we decided to try and visit Laniakea turtle beach again in hopes to finally see some wild sea turtles.

During our previous visit we came too late and did not see any turtles, so we departed earlier this time.

Laniakea beach
Here we have arrived.


Visit to Hawaii in 2011, first few days

As part of working through backlog of pictures we finally got to out second visit to Hawaii.

I wanted to make myself a nice birthday present, so we went to Hawaii, we chose Oahu again, since we were there already and I did not want to burn through my vacation days which was easier done when you go to a familiar place.

It so coincided that we went to Hawaii a couple of days after we returned from Paris for a nice contrast.

Landing in San Francisco
Picture of landing in San Francisco where we had to switch planes.


Addition to the ranks on the man.

We are back! I think... but first of all we want to apologize for no updates for so long. We had a very busy travel schedule (yes, tons of pictures that are waiting to be processed too) and in addition we moved to a new home and went through renovations! That's just a background but today I would like to introduce you to yet another love of mine... Yes, I actually thought that there will be a pause after Suigintou but alas, because highly respected Volks company releases something that you just can't pass by! >_<

Please meet with the one who charmed me - Shiro Tachibana from "Tokyo Boys Story" by Volks.

Shiro Tachibana


Paris, day 5 - Gardens and Bosquets of Versailles

Finally we got to our last full day in Paris. While green was busy with job-related stuff I decided to visit Versailles one more, but this time I wanted to see Versailles gardens, Trianon and Marie Antoinette's Estate. As we mentioned earlier, Gardens of Versailles are located in a Paris suburb, so it takes quite some time to get there. By the time I got there it was almost noon and the Court of the Ministers was crowded with people in lines!

Front yard
My attempt at showing the line. Start of the line is a bit to the right from the center and it goes all the way to the right where it turns around and goes back to the left, and then back to the right and so on for a few more times until it gets to the last segment along entire building of north alley of ministers (right in the center on this picture) and


Christmas in Tokyo, Christmas Illuminations

Continuing the previous Christmas Tokyo report.

On December 24th, on the Christmas eve we decided to go to Tokyo Lalaport shopping complex looking for yet another VOLKS shop.

JApanese street toilet
On the way to the subway we noticed this interesting public toilet. Looks like Japanese people are not very concerned about privacy.


Our late December 2011 trip to Tokyo

Finally got some time to continue posting our (somewhat stale now) travel bits.

My company asked me to visit Tokyo to work with an important client in Tokyo just a week after we returned from our vacation in Tokyo, I touched a little bit on this in our post about Tokyo Dolpa 26.

We have arrived on Dec 16th and stayed in Kawasaki most of the time.

Sara Udon
This is our first dinner after arrival, quite late in the day when a lot of restaurants have already closed and it was hard to find a non-smoking place anyway. It's called Sara-Udon and we totally expected Udon to be a soup bowl, but it turned out to be something else, sigh.


Dreams Come True - Please welcome the new guest!

For some reason, I had an urge to make a photo story, I don't know why And since this is my first photo-story please be easy on me, I also would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions

So, it was a regular evening for entire family. Everyone in the house was occupied with something, for example Hina-chan and Rabbitto-kun were watching a cartoon
Hina Ichigo & White Rabbit


French Cookies Sablé.

Today I want to introduce you to a very delicious, sophisticated and stylish French butter cookies originated from French town Caen of Lower Normandy region. For these cookies you will need only simple pantry ingredients and the name of these cookies is Sablé. The name speaks for itself because French word sable means "sand" and the hallmark of the cookies is soft, delicate, crumbly texture and their golden color. But not all recipes can achieve that exact delicate crumbliness that defines Sablés and to achieve this we will need the traditional French secret ingredient - hard-cooked egg yolk! Yes, this ingredient will give you the possibility to enjoy supremely sandy Sablés. These cookies can be of different shapes and with of different flavors but me wouldn't be me If I didn't tell you about this exact appearance!
So, today in the menu we have:

Checkerboard Cookies.
Checkerboard Cookies



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